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2020-12-13 08:07:50

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Knowing how to solve the Hacking puzzle is a necessary task that we must perform in Cyberpunk 2077, let's see.

What is hacking in Cyberpunk 2077?

It should be noted that this is not a new matter, since there are other games such as Watch Dogs where hacking has achieved a fundamental space, but specifically, here it is necessary to take care of knowing how to solve Hacking puzzles since it ends up being nothing more than a mini-game where some activities are usually carried out.
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How to solve the hacking puzzle in Cyberpunk 2077?

This is a necessary task for the breaking protocol and usually occurs after some programs manage to get stuck in the network for a certain time, so it is necessary to deal with using Breach Protocol to break a server with the purpose to get some amount of cash, why not choose to loot some encrypted fragments, or maybe our best bet is to attack the enemy network, because all this mentioned is valid, for which it is necessary to have the opportunity to use our skills as well. That allows us to access the night city servers and thus proceed to scan robots or people since this allows us to choose between overheating or deactivating them.

The Violation Protocol usually comes into operation and for this, it is necessary to select the first character of the horizontal line of the grid, on that same line, but vertically it is possible to take a look at the possibility that there are more characters, so It is important to choose to trim the horizontal and vertical lines with the motions to form a rope path.

Now, it should be noted that to open the Rape Protocol it is required:

  •  Violation time: It is possible to see a timer at the top on the left side and it only usually moves when we interact with the Code Matrix that is located below it.
  • The code matrix: This is simply the grid consisting of numbers and letters below the timer.
  • Buffer: this is a type of box that we can see in the center of the screen since it has the ability to tell us how many characters we can use.
  • The sequence necessary to upload: it is necessary to locate below the buffer where we will see a tab with a list of Demons that must be uploaded, it is necessary to understand that this code that we will see on the screen will be necessary to choose to imitate it from the screen of the Code Matrix within the movements in the buffer.


This is all we can tell you about How to Solve Hacking Puzzles, allowing us to choose to do some work to gain an advantage in Cyberpunk 2077, an issue that is favorable to us.

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