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2022-05-10 10:50:14

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This time we return with a Xbox guide with the aim of explaining how to fix downloaded games not working.

What to know about downloaded games not working on Xbox?

It is something that occurs due to an interruption of Xbox Live, which does not allow us to access our downloaded or purchased digital games, we cannot enter online game sessions, or make purchases and even applications are affected, by When we try to do all of the above, we are presented with a message that indicates the error, now looking to know how to fix downloaded games not working, there are some indications that we can follow and that are presented in this guide below, let's see.

How to fix downloaded games not working on Xbox?

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It must be taken into account that the problem has been recognized and that support is working on it, apart from that they added advice such as restarting our console to solve the start of downloaded games, the purchase of games and the union with the games in the cloud, in some cases it has been effective, but there are still many going through the problem, it was reported on Twitter by the support that the problem should not be present related to this.

 Through the DownDetector it has been determined that the rate of players facing this problem has dropped, it is important that if so we go to Twitter and Xbox looking for an update that allows us to complete the functionality, because it is important that we have the correct use of these functions in our console.

 This is how we end our guide on How to fix downloaded games not working, hoping that you can get the most out of it to return to normal functionality in Xbox.

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