Lidia Rozo
2020-11-30 08:45:00

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The Xbox Series X / S has arrived and it is necessary to tell you How to fix slow download speed, let's see.

What is the reason for the slow download speed in Xbox Series X / S?

  Having a new console is the dream and goal of several users around the planet, so this allows us to enjoy the games to our liking, so knowing how to fix the slow download speed is a necessary task On the one hand, because there are probably some broadband interruptions and this could affect said speed, on the other hand, there is the option that some games can be heavy enough and therefore slow.

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How to fix slow download speed in Xbox Series X / S?


 Check the internet connection: Before getting locked into any problem, it is necessary to review the faults that this may have, as this leads us to review and check the strength of our connection, for which it is only necessary:


  •  Press the Xbox button on our controller.
  • Proceed to select Profile and System.
  • Then proceed down to select Configuration.
  • Then you need to select General.
  • Next, we click on Network Settings.
  • Next, you need to click Test network speed and statistics to view the wireless power and download speed.
  • It is possible to move the router closer to the console in case of low power.
  • In case of having the Ethernet cable close to the console, it is only necessary to choose to connect it and that's it.


 Focusing on making a single download at a time: our job to know How to fix slow download speed leads us to consider the possibility of downloading only one thing at a time, since there are some times in which we put several downloads simultaneously and this it may bring some inconvenience to our Xbox Series X / S for which it is necessary:


  •  Locate us on our main screen and there choose to locate My games and applications.
  • Proceed to move to Manage.
  • Next, we click on the Queue.
  • We opted to stop non-game downloads that you may be downloading.
  • Then you need to go to the Manage screen.
  • Then we click on Updates to stop the downloads.


 Choose to close the games and applications: Sometimes it is necessary to close everything because it usually consumes a large part of the download energy in our Xbox Series X / S so that this allows us to reduce the tension in a way and to achieve it it is necessary :


  •  Choose to press the Xbox button on our controller.
  • Proceed to scroll down to get the list of games and application thumbnails.
  • With the thumbnails marked, we press the menu button on our remote.
  • If the game is open, we are presented with the Exit option in the pop-up menu,
  • Then it is necessary to click on it to close it.
  • Close the game while downloads are being made, because although it is true that the console allows us to play, it is ideal to wait for the download to complete and then give us time to play.


 In this sense, knowing how to fix slow download speed is a necessary task that allows us to take a look at the exceptions present here and thus get the most out of our Xbox Series X / S

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