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We invite you to discover where to find the Gorgon's shield, a new task in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

What to know about the Gorgon's shield in Assassin's Creed Valhalla?

It is a unique and special shield that requires a lot of work to find, being necessary to get 52 Roman artifacts and give the Octavio in the museum to receive this shield, then it is possible to improve to get the most out of it, now It is perfect that this guide and its content talk about where to find the Gorgon's shield, so let's see it next.
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Where to find the Gorgon shield in Assassin's Creed Valhalla?


 Let's see the location of the 52 artifacts below:


  •  In East Anglia the Temple of Mercury
  • At Grantebridgescire south of Wycham
  • In Grantebridgescire southwest of Ravensburg
  • At Grantebridgescire north of Black Peak
  • In Ledecestescire northeast of Ledecestre
  • In Ledecestescire southwest of Repton
  • In Ledecestrescire southwest of the pond found at Lyftmere
  • In Ledecestrescire Venonis
  • In Ledecestrescire Ledecestre
  • At Sciropescire west of Evesham Abbey
  • In Sciropescire on Lake Dudmastun
  • At Sciropescire in the remains of Hill Gate
  • In Oxenefordscire southwest of Cyne Belle Castle
  • In Oxenefordscire in the Evinghou tower
  • In Oxenefordscire north of Corpse Feeders
  • In Oxenefordscire northwest of Buckingham
  • In Oxenefordscire Abbey of Saint Albanes
  • In East Anglia north of Theotford Forest
  • In East Anglia east of Theotford Forest
  • In Lincolnscire southeast of Bolingbroc Castle
  • In Lincolnscire southeast of Lake Wynmere
  • In Lincolnscire north of Cruwland
  • In Lincolnscire, the Temple of Pluto
  • In Lincolnscire, Lincoln
  • In Cent, Dover Phatos
  • In Cent, the camp of the bandits of Lolingestone
  • In Cent east of Croindene
  • In Cent, at the Dorobertia theater
  • In Sciropescire, the Ruins of uriconium
  • In the middle of Glowecestrescire
  • In glowecestrecire right in the middle
  • In Glowecestrescire the falls of St. Kenhelm
  • In Jorvik, the Royal Hall
  • In Jorvik, the minister
  • In Eurviscire west of the Jorvik theater
  • In Eurvicscire, Donecaestre
  • In Hamtunscire, in the bandit's hideout Clausentuni
  • In Suthsexe west of Anderitium's hideout
  • In Suthsexe, in Cicestre abbey
  • In Essexe east of the Epinga forest
  • In Essexe east of Old Cellar
  • In Essexe, Colcestre
  • In Essexe, the Agnitune tower
  • In Lincolnscire, Caistor Lupus
  • In Hamptunscire southwest of Dark Weald
  • In Hamptunscire northwest of Werham
  • In Hamptunscire, at the Meva Outpost
  • At Snotinghamscire east of the River Derwent
  • At Snotinghamscire west of Thynghowe
  • In Glowecestrescire north of Belas Knap
  • In Glowecestrescire, Glowcestre
  • In Glowecestrescire, the office of the Temple of Ceres


 With the vision in these places we will be able to locate the artifacts, which will make it visualize on our map and the compass, once we find them we must deliver them, so we will go to Ravensthorpe, then build a museum for Octavio , we enter and we must deliver the Roman artifacts to get the Gorgon's shield, now if we want to improve it we only have to go with a blacksmith.

 In conclusion, knowing where to find the gorgon's shield is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving game such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla

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