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2020-11-30 08:34:55

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Our adventure through Genshin Impact allows us to show you how to find the book Leonard authored

What is the book Leonard authored in Genshin Impact?

This is only one of the necessary items that we find in this game, for which it is necessary to take care of searching having finished the missions so that it is necessary to delve into the mystery of meteorites and in this way we head towards the Mondstadt library.

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How to find the book Leonard authored on Genshin Impact?

 Our job is to embark on a search for a clue that can lead us to the library in Mondstadt and from there choose to go down the stairs and head northeast of the room where we are given the possibility of visualizing a book that shines and It is located against the wall, it is necessary to approach it and observe the name of the same one that is Of the mountains and the sea, but when we approach we realize that it is not complete, because it usually lacks some pages, or some number of words simply They seem to have vanished, which makes us have to resort to Mona for help, so that it will be necessary to choose to take the book and take it near the Temple of a Thousand Winds.

 Mona will be in charge of studying the book for a long time and will tell us about the writer's ambitions, as she had some interest in reaching the top of the Pilos Peak mountain, the detail is that today this mountain simply does not exist because there is only the Almizcadero reef, in such a way that we can choose to go to this place, in such a way that it is necessary to specifically locate ourselves in the Cape Oath and from there proceed to walk towards the northeast of the peninsula.

 Now that you know how to find the book Leonard authored, it is time to embark on this search and discover what the writer had planned, as it is an interesting task that we do in this update of Genshin Impact.

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