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2020-11-07 07:07:36

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Knowing how to delete a Microsoft account is a necessary option that we must know in Xbox Series X / S.

Why is it necessary to delete a Microsoft account in Xbox Series X / S

  It is necessary to create an account to be able to obtain updates and all the benefits related to the console, which is simply fantastic, however, not necessarily everything usually paints well, and this is because there may be the option that a friend or acquaintance Even a family member may have registered on your Xbox and this means that every time you log in, that person's account will appear but not yours, in such a way that every detail you do or register will not remain for you if not for another person, this can be cumbersome, because nobody wants to work and progress in a game so that someone else gets the credits, however this can be reversed and for that we are here today.

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How to delete a Microsoft account in Xbox Series X / S?

This process allows us to do a fairly simple process and it is done in this way:


  •  We access Xbox Live and go to Settings.
  • Then on the home screen we must select the Accounts option.
  • Within this menu we are given the opportunity to see the Delete option which we will select by pressing A.
  • Below we are given some indications, we proceed to enter the requested data and that's it.
  • Once this has been successful we proceed to exit and enter once more to Login to our Xbox Series X / S


 It is necessary to consider that it is possible to add an account that we have eliminated if we wish, and for this it is only necessary to configure it, with our account we have the possibility of changing our username. On the other hand, it is necessary to make it clear that the account of our Xbox does not mean that it can be permanently deleted, but it is possible that it is not accessed immediately from our console and with this we can choose to play with the comfort and normality that we wish.

 In this sense, knowing How to delete a Microsoft account allows us to access our own account naturally so that we can enjoy all the work we do on Xbox Series X / S.

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