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2020-11-07 06:54:54

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This time we come back with a Xbox Series X / S guide, aiming to explain how to enable HDR.

What to know about the Xbox Series X / S

The wait has come to an end and the most recent Microsoft console has arrived, which is at the height of what was expected by many of us in terms of a next-generation console, certainly the ideal is to get the most of it to it, so it is ideal to know how to enable HDR and the details of this are presented in the following content, let's follow it as it brings us.
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How to enable HDR on the Xbox Series X / S?

It does not need to be activated, this is because the games already bring it this way by default in most cases, taking into account that if our television allows it, before playing it is possible that it must be calibrated, this is verifiable in the game menu in the video settings, thus having the specific HDR status, but it is also possible to go through the settings, general, TV and screen to perform the HDR calibration to the games on the Xbox Series X, this If we do not see this function, we have to go to the TV to see if it is activated, considering that not everyone has it, we do this in the TV and screen options, entering configuration and going to the details of the 4K TV, having a list like As a result, in the part that says games we will have the option of HDR10, finding a mark here means that if it is supported by our TV, otherwise it is not supported.

 We hope that the information detailed here on How to enable HDR will be useful to have more fun in the Xbox Series X / S

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