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2020-11-07 06:58:30

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With our help you will see that knowing how to share captures and videos easily is possible to do in Xbox Series X / S.

What to know about the Xbox Series X / S

Along with the arrival of this next-generation console we have some interesting features that are related to the last generation, visual improvements are one of them, but if we are already aware of the screenshots and videos of the Xbox we have that in the current console you have to carry out the same process, otherwise the content that will be presented in this guide will tell us about how to share captures and videos easily, let's pay attention to it.
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How to easily share screenshots and videos on the Xbox Series X / S?

Having ready the screenshot or the recorded video, we will go to the quick menu with the button on the console control bright guide, then use the RB to skip the capture and share it, later arriving at the recent captures where they are and the videos that we are going to be able to upload, with the choice of any of this we can see the options available for the shared use that it has, making the choice between a variety of places to share the capture, while if we are doing some editing of our game or image we can go through OneDrive to upload it.

What we will do is make the necessary configuration for OneDrive on a computer, taking into account that it must be linked to the Microsoft account of our console, be it X or S, in the case of OneDrive it is not something complicated to do, while Microsoft is possible to follow instructions of these if we have difficulties, there is a free level in which we can register, having already connected everything that we are going to upload we choose to our OneDrive from our console and this will appear on our PC, doing this way to edit videos and captures with the software of our preference.

 So we finished our guide on How to share screenshots and videos easily, hoping that you can get the best out of the Xbox Series X / S

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