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2020-11-09 05:46:50

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Guide to learn how to customize your background in Xbox Series X / S

  Surely you are tired of seeing the same sober home screen on your console, right? Well, the truth is that we do too and we discovered that there is a way to customize it to your liking.

Most consoles these days allow for a fair amount of customization options, but one that remains a staple is the home screen background. Plus, the Xbox One had that option too, only this time the process is slightly different. You can add any image you want, be it a screenshot or a generic image from the internet, the truth is that either works and this time we will teach you how to change it properly.

How to customize your background in Xbox Series X / S

The steps to change that default sober background are very simple. Make sure to start your console and follow the steps outlined below:

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  • -Sign in to your Microsoft account if your console is not configured to do this automatically.
  • -Press the view button on your controller (two windows icon).
  • -On the custom home screen, select My color and background.
  • -Choose the custom image or screenshot you want to use.
  • -Once selected, you will be able to see the new image in the background wherever you enter the home screen.

If you end up getting tired of the newly loaded background and want to change the image, just follow the steps above again.

  Now that you know how to customize your background in Xbox Series X / S you can have that animated and unique touch that you can have with your console. Luck!

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