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Today we bring you a Xbox Series X / S guide in which we are going to explain how to connect controller.

What to know about controller in Xbox Series X / S

In the same way as previous generations of consoles in this it is possible to use the controllers, being something very exciting that our hands are going to use it in the most recent Microsoft console, certainly to achieve this, some indications must be followed, for this we will see the next content of this guide to find out How to connect the controller, then let's get started.
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How to connect controller in Xbox Series X / S?

Going through the Bluetooth pairing button is the first thing we must do, depending on the orientation of the two types of console models, we have it in the lower left or right, either side or feet successively, the point is that You have to keep the button pressed until it starts to flash, after we notice this we are going to keep the pairing button pressed, which is located in the central part very close to the LB, then what we must check is if it flashes in tandem With the console, be it the X or S series, with this, after a few seconds it must have completed the pairing, making the controller and the console synchronize automatically when it is turned on again.

  Finally, now that we know how to connect controller we can continue the fun in our Xbox Series X / S

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