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The action in Windbound does not stop, so today we are going to explain how to beat a Pondwomper.

What to know about the Pondwomper in Windbound?

It is one of the enemies that we will face in the game, much like frogs the Pondwomper are in the marshy islands, a trombone music is the indicative signal that we are about to meet some of them while exploring Due to the location zone, this does not attack the first time but if we approach or attack them we will enter a combat, which are not easy to defeat but when they win these they release very special objects that allow us to make possible a series of improvements to the ships and objects, so it is necessary to know how to beat a Pondwomper, the details come right now.
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    How to beat a Pondwomper in Windbound?

    The first movement that they make is to go inside their shell in order to attack using a poisonous gas that if we get to be in the vicinity we will become poisoned for a period of 10 seconds, also decreasing our health, it is the first thing that they do, the poison and breathe contaminated gas in our, they even shoot a drops that are full of poison, it is necessary to evade it and for this we use such a movement of evasion, it is possible in some cases that these enemies are placed at a long distance, this with the For the purpose of making a long impact attack, seeing that they jump, it is necessary to dodge for 2 consecutive times and quickly, to avoid their attack at the moment they fall again.

    The biggest advantage that we will have is the state of vulnerability that these will have after making each attack before starting to attack again, so it is ideal to use a spear or pepper to stab them with attacks that are long-range such as arrows, rocks and slingshot bombs, when defeating it it is necessary that we interact with the corpse of this, getting the loot of waterfall fragment x1 and poisonous glands x2.

    It is clear that knowing How to beat a Pondwomper allows us to have more fun as we progress in Windbound.

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