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Knowing how to get companions is an interesting and necessary task that we can do in Nexomon Extinction, let's see.

What is Nexomon Extinction?

  It is simply a similarity of Pokemon where we enter the task of catching and fighting with some monsters that need to be tamed, as there are just over 300, which represents a relatively large number, since collecting monsters had not been a task recently. , which simply makes us curious to enter this game that already shows us some very interesting cartoons.
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    How to get companions in Nexomon Extinction?

     These so-called Companions or Followers are simply special characters, they are actually some creatures that usually can fight independently and are willing to accompany us, unlike other creatures, it is possible to get it in some secret vaults or simply when we are in finding some chests.

     There is a way to receive a key to a vault that is located on the outskirts of the city, this is truly useful because it is possible to open some chests that may contain a follower, to qualify for this vault key it is necessary to clean At least 12 garbage bags in the Center of Parum, as this is a valuable task that a woman has asked us and that we cannot waste this opportunity, because here we find a total of 19 special characters with whom it is possible to play and this simply allows us to choose to fight the more than 300 Nexomon.

     This is all we know about how to get companions, it is definitely an interesting and necessary task that we can carry out in Nexomon Extinction.

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    Aug 28, 2020
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