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In the Control universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to return to sender in AWE DLC and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about return sender in AWE DLC in Control?

It is a mission which we must complete, to start it it is necessary that we are outside the double doors that give access to the AWE loading dock in the exchange offices, here we have pneumatic tubes, so that we must focus on the counter next to these tubes, since here is a letter that allows us to start the mission, which will take us to our next objective of finding a photocopier in the operations center, which allowed us solve in more details by knowing How to return to sender in AWE DLC, it is the next content, it is necessary that we follow it closely to progress in the game.

How to get back to sender in AWE DLC in Control?

Starting from the beginning of the mission, our next move is to go to the Control point that we will have nearby, that is to go to the center of operations and directly to the lower floor, we will have enemy resistance which we must overcome to continue, where now our next The objective is to find the photocopier that is on the back wall, in this we have to make some copies of the letter and therefore we will make an interaction on 3 occasions to send the same amount in chain, having them it is necessary that we go to some places and these are the following:
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    The utility corridor: this is the dark utility corridor that is located after the large room, we will use the tire tubes from this section

    The observation deck: here to be able to use 3 pneumatic tubes available for sending the letter, this in the large room that we first entered.

    The abandoned offices: in the area of ​​the offices that are in the corridor we find the pneumatic tubes on the left, any one will be used to send the letter.

    After doing this we have to return to the shift offices, we are going to return to the pneumatic tubes of the exchange office, so we will be close to follow them until we reach the section that will be open to our left, we will see a gap to the that we must enter to clean the mailbox and thus complete the mission, get the experience and mods as a reward.

    In this way we finalize our Control guide, now you know how to return to sender in AWE DLC, just enjoy it to the fullest and keep progressing.

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