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Knowing how to get Radianite points is a necessary activity in Valorant, let's see how to achieve it.

What are Radanite points in Valorant?

  These are nothing more than the currency used in the game to make purchases, remember that this is a fairly moved game where the action is still the main force, therefore it is necessary to acquire weapons or objects such as skins that allow us to stay alive and be able to constantly progress as the game progresses, as the game is still under construction.
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    How to get Radianite points in Valorant?


      Radanite points are excellent to buy some skin in this game, because the outfits are an important part that we should not neglect, and there are only two ways to get them.

      Get Radanite points increased battle pass and thereby get 20 points.

    Buy the 20 points with real money only that these cost us about 700 Rubles, (Russian currency).

      In one way or another it is important to know how to get Radianite points and thereby achieve excellent skin in Valorant

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