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Halo 2 Anniversary: How to Install 100% working

2020-05-15 14:56:59

Knowing how to install is really one of the most important activities that we must know in Halo 2 Anniversary

Why is it necessary to know how to install Halo 2 Anniversary?

  Perhaps because this is a game that has been eagerly awaited, especially because there is the possibility today to enjoy it on PC, if we had previously missed the action, now it is possible to have that opportunity, since in reality it is a game. quite busy that has a lot of content, we can not wait to tell you how to install it and enjoy a lot.
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    How to install Halo 2 Anniversary on PC?


     There are a few things before proceeding with the installation process.


    •  Consider that Master Chief Collection is updated through Steam or the Microsoft store, (If you have one).
    • Buy the game through Steam or Microsoft and download it.


     To install it you need:

    •  If we already have it, choose the configuration option and there click on the game option.
    • Then click on change installed files.
    • Then click on the checked campaign and multiplayer boxes in the game.
    • Then you need to click the accept button below the games and wait for it to install.


     This is a title that has been expected by many players for a while now, and it is that the adrenaline that it has is phenomenal, some amount of players and experts consider it to be one of the best games, but in one way or another for fans will always be the best game above all.

     Definitely Halo 2 Anniversary has a lot of interesting content that we cannot miss, so follow our steps to know how to install and enjoy this game on PC.

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