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BitLife: How to get the Tarzan Ribbon

2020-05-15 14:52:05

BitLife is a very busy game and today it leads us to discover How to get the Tarzan Ribbon with very precise details.

What do we have to know about the Tarzan tape in BitLife?

This tape is determined that we players have a certain relationship with some exotic animals, we must bear in mind that there is a wide variety to choose from, time is the key if you want to have any link with any of these animals, the cost Of these it is very high, now seeking to understand how to get the Tarzan Ribbon, we rely on the content of this explanatory guide, so let's see what it brings about.

How to get the Tarzan Ribbon in BitLife?

Exotic pet trafficking has an animal for us to buy, in order to obtain the tape, the cost of this animal can vary, but it is capable of reaching miles of dollars, both care also has a high cost, a year it is necessary to visit the dealer made, to make a purchase once every year, the money will be important to maintain a quality of life per year, the animals must be kept in spacious places, which leads us to the need to buy an adequate property, you have to be at least 18 years old to purchase exotic animals, it is possible that once we finish university we will make this investment.

It is necessary to have an important variety of exotic animals, for this the annual visits, in the event that one of these dies, either at a time or other natural causes, is where it is important to have the support for their replacement , having more animals, it is vital that the relationship with these stable sea, bear the monthly expenses without us becoming bankrupt, the most suitable option is to carry out the purchases of lower costs, among which are snakes, wild cats, wolves, birds and more, now the big cats, like lions and tigers, their cost is much higher, it is important to maintain a balance before the life of our character ends, so we must have control over it.

In the course of our life it is necessary that we avoid receiving ribbons of rich or famous, in order for us to maintain the lifestyle of our animals it will become a great challenge, the economic balance between livestock and the spent must exist, before that our life ends, in the end when we die we will know if we get the tape or not, so we must take into account the quality of life with at least 10 exotic animals, we must remember that with any character it is possible to try.

We can conclude that knowing how to get the Tarzan Ribbon is easier to think about, taking into account these indications here in this BitLife guide.

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Life simulation game
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