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Minecraft: How to get awkward potions

2020-05-15 15:24:09

Today we are walking around Minecraft with the object of explanation How to get uncomfortable potions, let's see.

Are awkward potions really necessary in Minecraft?

First of all it is good to be clear that this is only an ingredient, because alone it does not cause any effect but they are indispensable for other fundamental potions, since just by mixing them it is possible to obtain some interesting results, also good, regardless of which healers also usually use them.

What are the options for awkward potions in Minecraft?

To know how to get awkward potions it is necessary to take into account that these are useful for other potions stories such as:

  • Potion of Stamina.
  • Invisibility Potion.
  • Poison Potion.
  • Turtle Master Potion.
  • Potion of Speed.
  • Potion of Weakness, among others.
  • How to get awkward potions in Minecraft?

To make these potions it is necessary to have 3 ingredients, which we can mix in the beer stand and they are the following:

Fire rods: These can be collected in the Nether Fortress, for them it is necessary to eliminate the flames, we have high possibilities of obtaining them, even when the rods may not be constantly dropped, but it is also easy, after having to be bars it is necessary to become the craft table, since it will be necessary to convert it into 2 Dust of Fire, this is simply the fuel that is required here.

The Nether Warts: The first thing we must consider is that it is only possible to collect them in the Nether, there is no other place, now, it is possible to easily obtain them within the Nether Fortress, since they are at the top of Soul Land, and to reach them it is only necessary to use the command / Locate Fortress, she usually spawns at the bottom of the stairs, otherwise they can also grow in the remains of the bastion, specifically in the central courtyard of the Piglin house but This only occurs after Minecraft 1.16.

Water bottles: This is the last necessary ingredient and it is also quite easy to get, since it presents us with the option of making them on our own, for this it will only be necessary to place 3 glass glasses on the craft table, it is only required to place them in the shape of a triangle and this will give us 3 bottles that we can fill with water from any source.

This is all you need to know about get awkward potions, a building block for other options in Minecraft.

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18 November 2011
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