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Our guide today on Stardew Valley allows us to dig and find out how to get married, let's see.

What does Stardew Valley bring to us?

 The first thing we should know is that this is a simulation game, which implies that it is very similar to our reality, where it is possible to have very real experiences, only in this particular case it is dedicated to the world of agriculture, but that does not prevents knowing how to get married, as it is a very complete world, creating relationships with other players can be
 One of the most striking features in Stardew Valley is that we can see how many people there are like us, thereby allowing us to forge bonds of friendship and this could even lead to marriage, and although knowing How to get married could be a bit vague question it is good to know how to It achieves taking into account that here there are two relevant details, one is that they are only available to marry single and single without exception, in addition there is the possibility of marrying someone of the same sex, making it quite clear that there is equality.

How to build a relationship in Stardew Valley?

 To know how to get married in the first instance it is necessary to get some kind of friendship relationship, it is not possible to marry a stranger, so let's focus on some very important aspects:

  •  Forging a friendship with the main character is required.
  • The villagers have an average of 10 hearts maximum.
  • It is only possible to marry one character at a time.
  • It is essential to talk with the marriage candidate every day.
  • Talk to the villagers every day.
  • We must offer gifts to the character we want to marry at least twice a week.
  • Knowing how to get married is crucial, shooting them with a slingshot is in bad taste, it can make them upset and with it we lose friendship.
  • Searching in the trash is not an option.
  • Dancing with the villagers and especially with our partner at the Stardew Valley festivals is definitely favorable.

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    How to give gifts to our partner in Stardew Valley?

     Having an excellent friendship relationship allows us to know how to get married and this leads us to think exactly about the gifts we can offer, especially since these can be valuable enough for our partner, it is ideal to think of good quality gifts and choose to give them at least two a week, now if you have the ability to give one for each day, excellent, that if they are good, because we do not want to lose your heart, because each gift has some significant impact, the idea. that is favorable.

     These are the ideal gifts to give:

    •  Birthday gift.
    • Give flowers.
    • Give vegetables avoiding wheat or hops.
    • Give away minerals and some gems, zero quartz.
    • Give fruits that have just been picked from the Life Elixer or Maple Syrup trees.
    • Give artisan products without mayonnaise or oil.

    When giving away food it is necessary to avoid fried foods, bread, rolls and eggs.

    How to get married at Stardew Valley?

     Now that we already have an excellent relationship of friendship with our partner and we have managed to meet the requirements, it is time to think about marriage, and this leads us to meet some interesting requirements that are:

    •  Spending the count of 8 with our partner without giving him flowers.
    • Acquire a bouquet of flowers at Pierre's store.
    • 200 gold is required.
    • Give gifts daily and talk to get 10 hearts.
    • Make the marriage proposal.
    • Buy a $ 5,000 Old Mariner Mermaid pendant and give it to her
    • After 3 days from the proposal give gifts to the villagers.

     How to get divorced at Stardew Valley?

     People get married and divorced in real life, in the game this is no different, because we are not always happy with the married life we ​​lead, and the need for separation arises, this is quite simple to do.

    •  Count on 50,000 gold to interact with the Mayor's Mansion book.
    • There will be no need to give more gifts, as our ex will reject them.
    • It is only possible to keep one child.

    We can get our ex's memory erased so he doesn't remember anything about us, only this is worth 30,000 gold.

     Definitely knowing How to get married has a series of requirements in Stardew Valley that in reality is not so thorough and less these days, but it is worth experiencing it in the game, this adds more fun.

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