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Welcome to our guide on How to Spawn vehicles in Unturned.

What to know about vehicles in Unturned?

 It is one of many elements that are present in the game, specifically the vehicles have some important properties that we must consider, being this the fuel, battery and speed, now looking for answers to help us to generate them we can see it in the following content, let's see.

How to Spawn vehicles in Unturned?

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You have to write /vehicle in the chat box to generate them, adding to this the identification of the vehicle, considering the types that exist in the game, even up to flying, the IDs of these depend even on the color they have, there are at least 200 different vehicle identifications that are divided into general classes, being this in civilian, emergency, military, flying and improvised vehicles, these being the following:
  •     Civilian: Car, Dumptruck, Roadster, Sedan
  •     Emergency: Ambulance, Fire Truck, Police Motorcycle, Prison Truck
  •     Military vehicles: Armored offroader, tank, ural, APC
  •     Flight: Annushka, Transport Heli, Auto Gyro, Blimp

Now we must consider that the mechanics of locking vehicles is part of the game, being out of the team we can not access the unlock, leaving only the use of tricks or Stealy Wheely Automobiley tool to achieve it starting from a reputation that we have.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to Spawn vehicles in Unturned has been very useful for your fun and progress.

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