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Lidia Rozo
2022-10-11 17:18:14

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Food is vital in all games and for this reason we will explain how to make snow lotus soup in Tower of Fantasy.

What is snow lotus soup in Tower of Fantasy?

  This is one of the dishes that we have in this game and that usually brings us benefits, this specifically offers us Resistance that usually favors us for:


  •   slide us
  • Attack.
  • Climb.


How to make snow lotus soup in Tower of Fantasy?

It is necessary to take care of getting some particular ingredients to prepare this dish that gives us:

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  • 800 resistance.
  • 6,000 health.


 Making this dish is not really difficult, for this it is vital to get:


  •  1 snow lotus: this is the most difficult ingredient to obtain and is usually obtained in the Warren snowfield, in this place there are several places where it is possible to cultivate it, it is only necessary to be very attentive due to how rare it usually is.
  • 2 honey: this is usually easier to get, it is everywhere, it is only necessary to take care of looking for bee hives and once we get one we must attack it until the honey falls.

 We must create this recipe and for this we will get a cooking bot, then we open the creation tab where we will place a good amount of snow lotus and honey in the tab until we get a success rate that reaches between 80 percent and 100 percent, When we get it, we must take care of pressing Cook to obtain the recipe.

 In this sense, knowing How to make snow lotus soup in Tower of Fantasy offers us the opportunity to embark on the elaboration of another necessary recipe in the game, try it.

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