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Twitch every time manages to be noticed more and this offers us the possibility of explaining how to grant a VIP status.

What is the object of VIP status in Twitch?

There are some things that have some relevance compared to others, and precisely the Twitch platform is one of those elements where being recognized is a vital task, in this sense, knowing how to grant a VIP status becomes a vital task to become a member highlighted, simply having the possibility of being a VIP offers the opportunity to have a more audience while a stream transmission is taking place, apart from receiving a special badge which makes the amount of public that can be reached simply be greater .
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    How to grant a VIP status in Twitch?

    Making us this type of member is an important task and for this it is necessary to consider some tasks, as this implies reaching many points and can be done in a simple way, because to get a member of our chat to achieve it, it will only be enough with:


    •  Go to the Twitch channel.
    • Open the chat.
    • Put the command '/ vip {username}'.
    • Choose to replace the name section with the full name of a certain user.
    • Once this has been done it is time to review the current list and choose to use the '/ vips' command.
    • Then we will see how the system will list our current VIPs.


     It is necessary to take into account that:


    •  Removing them from VIP is possible and for this it will only be enough to use '/ unvip {username}'.
    • On the other hand, postponed VIPs can be managed and for this it is necessary to go to the control panel created in the community.
    • We look for the "Roles Manager" and the user that we are interested in becoming VIP using the "Add new" button, to give him the role that we consider favorable.

     In this sense, knowing how to grant a VIP status allows us to make modifications when we consider necessary in Twitch, try it.

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