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2021-03-10 06:51:41

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Today we bring you a Twitch guide, where our goal is to explain how to whisper.

Why whisper at Twitch?

 It is something that can help us in particular cases where there are things to keep secret, certainly the focus of this platform is to show a face and skills to the public, but if information comes out by accident that we want to show ourselves, this can be solved by knowing How whisper, which can be done in many ways, for this we can orient ourselves with what follows in the next details.

How to whisper in Twitch?

 We have that the whisper can be different when done from the browser or the mobile, it is something that must be done discreetly, then we have that as for how to whisper in Twitch, it goes through the fact of writing / w @username, which will result in the opening of a private chat window, which will be between us and the other user, considering that we must write the name correctly so that there is no error, while if we have whispered to someone it will only suffice that when writing the @ is present the options of conversations that we have had to complete or, but to manually write the rest.

  • Our username: one of the options that allows us to whisper in Twitch is that by entering our own name we can access an information panel where it is possible to add a user as a friend and more, then consider How to whisper what we will do is to choose this option for the user we want.
  • The whisper button: through the menu we can use this option, which we have located in the upper right corner of our screen, to the left of the Get Bits, it is an icon that is similar to the chat window, we highlight it With the cursor, and we will see Whispers, we press it to access the list of people that we have whispered before, if we want to make a whisper in a new Twitch we just have to write the username or look for some coincidences.

How to whisper in Twitch from mobile?

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    There is the possibility that we have made a pause for anything, and it is necessary that we make a whisper from our mobile, for this we have to write / w @Username, where its operation is similar to that of the browser, when we do this it is possible that a list of coincidences, taking into account that in relation to how to whisper, this option will be due to the need for that person to whom we are going to whisper to be on the same channel as us.

    •  The social icon: it is the button that looks like a message bubble, we will place this in the upper right corner of the screen near the search button, when we touch on this icon a list of those conversations will be presented whispered, both received and sent, from here to whisper what we will do is start it in the upper right corner, choosing from the list or search for a specific name, thereby opening the window to send or in turn notice the messages before sent.

     How to block users on Twitch?

     As in many internet sites, we have to be able to mark unwanted users to speak, this for many reasons, regardless of which it is appropriate to consider the different options that will lead us to do so, considering that at this point we know how to whisper, then let's see the next:

    •  From the whisper window: near the main chat window we will find a smaller window, this when whispering from the browser, here we will see that there is an icon similar to a gear, located at the top, which we will do is to enter here, and we choose who to block.
    • From the chat window: what we will do is choose the username through the options panel, we go through the three points that are on the right to reach a secondary menu, which allows us to block and even report them if they are necessary, we can even access settings, security and privacy to block the whispers of those unknown people.
     If we want to block someone in Twitch from the mobile we must consider the following:

    •  From the username: once mastered How to whisper on the mobile, we can block someone in the application, when entering the name of the user we want to block we have the visual of a second window, this at the bottom of the screen to blocking or reporting it.
    • From the whisper: what we will do is enter the chat window and click on the wheel that is in the upper right corner, to find the lock option at the bottom of the screen, this having on some occasion have conversed before with this user or at that moment, there is the option to change the privacy settings as well, to do this you have to go to the icon in the upper left corner and enter the account, security and privacy settings to then activate the blocking whispers from strangers.

     In this way we finalize our Twitch guide, now that you know how to whisper in different ways, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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