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2022-06-10 09:37:15

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Today we bring a Twitch guide where we will tell you how to assign Founder’s Badges.

What are Founder’s Badges in Twitch?

  These are a kind of special elements that are not usually given as a regular subscriber badge, in this case it is necessary to know how to assign Founder’s Badges, however, it is good to keep in mind that although it is true, this badge is usually quite sought, in reality it does not provide any kind of privilege.

  Knowing how to assign founder badges makes it necessary to take into account that each channel has a limited number of founder badges to deliver and get more in Twitch, it is simply not possible, so we must be careful when assigning them to someone, this is a symbol of pride

How to assign Founder’s Badges in Twitch?

  Is good know that:

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  • The founder badge is only available for affiliate and partner channels.
  • This badge is usually available by default.
  • Affiliate channels have 10 Founder Badges they can submit.
  • Partners have the amount of 10 founder badges.


 Knowing how to assign founder badges makes it necessary to have some particular qualities, which implies being one of the first paid or Prime subscribers of Twitch or one of the first 25 paid subscribers to a partner channel, we must also consider that there is no method of assigning these badges other than the one described in advance.

It is necessary to know that there is no way to assign a founder badge or reassign it to another user, even if for some reason we leave the channel we will have this badge in our status in the same way, we can only hide it in the configuration or replace it with another badge , but never delete him, this considering that Twitch is not controlled by the owner of the channel, however, it should be noted that this founder badge is undoubtedly a way to track people who were with us at the beginning of our transmissions and keep this badge as a symbol of support.

 This is all you need to know about How to assign Founder’s Badges, it will only be enough to make a very careful choice in Twitch because there is no method to reverse it.

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