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2022-05-13 07:19:43

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Today we bring a Twitch guide where we will tell you how to appeal a ban.

What does it mean to appeal a ban in Twitch?

Having the opportunity to get the staff of this platform to resolve some requests that we can make, in this sense, it is necessary to know how to appeal a ban, this is because on some occasions it is possible that suspensions may occur and therefore we must get involved. in an appeal process.

How to appeal a ban on Twitch?

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It is necessary to take into account that it is possible to visit the appeal portal and this can be done in any internet browser, and this taking into account that Twitch has a new portal where we can visit it, this is .

 Once we have accessed the portal, we must take care of selecting the execution that we are interested in appealing, the date and the reason are usually shown, as well as the time that the suspension will last and select what we want to appeal.

 We have to take care to give an appropriate reason to appeal the ban and this is usually found at the bottom of the page where we will see some details, even Twitch puts a section that says “successful appeals usually include remorse, taking responsibility or additional context and deeper details about the specific incident.”

 We continue talking about How to appeal a ban and in this case we should consider pressing the Send button to send the request and this is usually done after having provided the requested data, once we click on Send we will receive a confirmation of receipt.

 To finish, we verify the status of the request of the Twitch decision, this usually happens after reviewing the request, it is possible to send appeals for temporary suspensions that may have occurred in the last 60 days.

 Now that you know how to appeal a ban, it's time to apply these steps and thus continue enjoying Twitch as normal.

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