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Twitch keeps growing and this allows us to talk to you about how to fix black screen

What causes black screen in Twitch?

 There are several causes for which this failure tends to occur, as this has to become a complex problem due to the fact that there are more and more users making use of the platform and consequently they are presenting the respective failures, in such a way that knowing how to fix the screen Negra leads us to consider possible options that facilitate the possibility of streaming video games, because in this sense it is necessary to consider:

  • Errors in the IP: this usually shows as a failure in Twitch and is clearly related to the network, as this causes the screen to go black and freeze.
  • DNS error: knowing how to fix the black screen leads us to consider the DNS configuration, because in some cases these are usually changed, it is more specifically for Twitch they must be configured, in such a way that we are allowed to carry out the transmissions and if not presents us with this ruling.
  • Server error: There are times when the Twitch servers may be out of service, in this sense it is possible that this failure occurs, for this if unfortunately it is not possible to do anything other than wait for the staff of the platform who solves it.
  • Browser error: sometimes there are things so simple that they can affect us more than we might believe, so knowing how to fix the black screen takes us to take a look at the browser, especially considering that it can host cookies and therefore these can cause us an inconvenience.
  • Router error: there is a possibility that this could be being blocked by JavaScript and this could affect us in Twitch.
  • Hardware acceleration: This can be given to a service that can be used in order to improve our performance, because although it is true, it could work for some things, it could generate problems with Twitch.


 Let's start by reviewing some of these causes and from there proceed to work on the solutions, especially considering that this failure is not a new matter and that there are a few solutions that may well be applied, we must also consider that specifically Twitch work perfectly well with Chrome and Android, in addition to having to have a network connection.

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How to fix black screen on Twitch?

 Before starting these solutions, it is vital to consider that this platform is available for both PC and mobile.

On mobiles it is necessary:


  •  Hold down the Twitch application for 3 seconds.
  • We proceed to click on "Application details".
  • Next we must go "Storage and clear cache".
  • Then click on "Delete storage and delete cache".
  • We go to the application in order to log in and in this way we verify that this failure has been resolved.


 Another applicable method for mobiles involves:


  •  Uninstall the Twitch application.
  • Proceed to restart the phone and reinstall the application to run it.


 To solve this failure in PC it is necessary:

Try incognito mode in Google Chrome: this is an option that may well be applicable to know how to fix the black screen and this simply leads us to:


  •  Take care of clicking on the three points that are usually located in the upper corner on the right side of Google Chrome.
  • Then it is necessary to select the new incognito window or simply press "CTRL SHIFT N", to open the new incognito home page.


 Entrust us with clearing the cache and cookies: this is another quite favorable action to solve this Twitch failure, because in some circumstances these can generate various inconveniences, among which is the black screen and to solve it it is necessary:


  •  We must open Google Chrome.
  • Next you need to press Ctrl H.
  • Then we click on "Clear browsing data".
  • We proceed to mark the "Navigation history boxes, download history, cookies and other data".
  • Then we click on the "Clear data" button so that these changes can be applied and that's it.


 Disable extensions and plugins: this is another viable action to know how to fix the black screen and for this it is necessary:


  •  Open Google Chrome and choose to click on the three dots located at the top on the right side of the screen.
  • Next we select "More tools" in the pop-up window.
  • Then we select "Extensions" in the list of options.
  • We proceed to scroll down to click on the "Remove from extensions" button.
  • Then we proceed to eliminate one by one and that's it.

Renewing the IP address: Twitch is a somewhat tedious matter, as it tends to require some particular characteristics, which makes it necessary:


  •  Reset the network and DNS settings for which we must press Windows R in order to launch the RUN application.
  • It is necessary to write in the search bar "cmd" and proceed to press OK.
  • Next we must write "ipconfig / release" and press Enter.
  • Then we must write "ipconfig / renew" and press Enter.
  • To finish it is necessary to restart the PC and that's it.


 Make use of Google DNS: this is another option to fix the Twitch black screen, as we normally use the default configuration, only that in some cases it is necessary to change it and this implies:


  •  Press Windows R.
  • Proceed to type "Control Panel".
  • Then we must go to · ”Red and Internet”.
  • Then it is necessary to select "Network and Sharing Center"
  • Then we must click on the network that we are using.
  • We proceed to click on "Properties".
  • Then we double click on “Internet Protocol version 4.
  • We proceed to use the addresses for the preferred DNS server, and for the alternate DNS server


Now that you know how to fix black screen, it is time to execute one of these solutions, since enjoying Twitch is an action that is usually performed by a large number of users around the world.

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