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Angel Marquez
2021-03-17 15:55:10

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We welcome you to our Twitch guide, aiming to guide you on How to get more viewers.

What is Twitch?

 It is a platform that has its focus on streaming, certainly those of us who are entering new ones can be somewhat uncomfortable, especially with the purpose of attracting viewers, so that we get to have an audience we must consider the different possibilities that lead us to achieve it, then seeking to understand how to get more viewers we just have to follow the following tips.

How to get more viewers in Twitch?

  •  Social networks: once we have our channel, the greatest difficulty that we will face is the transmission without any audience, but if we have something in social networks this can be helpful for our intentions to solve How to get more viewers in Twitch , through which we can add our family, friends and other acquaintances online, it is important that everyone knows our channel, something that can help us is to publish on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, which will let you know about our transmissions in Twitch, there You have to be creative to attract people and achieve adding in How to get more viewers without being too excessive in the promotion.
  • The other streamers: there is a significant amount of new streamers that are adding to Twitch every day, which can be an opportunity for us to make contact with them, getting them to add an audience, and we can add through them, achieving Get to know each other and support us on this path, it is important to be aware of the streamers, and it is something that we will do when we join their channels, the more we know we will have growth in relation to how to get more viewers, some paid subscribers or Prime Gaming may even appear for part of the audience crossover.

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  • Streaming team: in terms of How to get more viewers, we have to unite in the safest ways to do it is to make the new viewers of Twitch end up abandoning the broadcasts, because they are pixelated, then it is appropriate to have a suitable team, such as OBS or XSplit, managing to make an outstanding impression that leads one to think how professional we are, we are talking about webcams that transmit in HD, a computer, the optimal internet connection capable of resisting transmission, a good microphone or headphones for streaming Starting from a console, capture card, actually looking for something affordable without being ruined and taking into account the possibility of asking for donations, this must be something if our intention is to solve How to get more viewers in Twitch, managing to add audience at the end of every day.
  • Tests of different things: the difficult part of the process that will lead us to see How to get more viewers is to detect when we are failing, the broadcast schedule is important for this purpose, perhaps the time we do it does not coincide with the availability of our viewers , something that is an obstacle, then you have to find a strategy for it, then you have to try different things without any fear, thereby achieving a style of play, community events, gifts or make timely changes, taking into account that the operation successful or not of it in Twitch we will not see it instantly, we must build a channel that is according to our purpose, where we express with our voice directed to the audience, this while we are enjoying what we do having to make corrections as we we advance.
  • The use of YouTube: it should be noted that this route can be more complicated, only that there is something that can benefit us having a YouTube channel with a Twitch channel, achieving the creation of videos through YouTube to gain a boost by making the content ends up coinciding, while the number of video publications is greater we are obtaining achievements in terms of How to get more viewers, we can invite them to go through our channel in Twitch, when we have at least 4000 hours on YouTube for monetization we can do the editing of our live broadcasts so that the content is displayed on a different platform.
  • Originality and consistency: it is important that we build a brand, which consists of having our name, logo and even broadcasting style, these are elements that will identify us before our audience, if they are not original we may not be successful in terms of How to get more viewers, we have to be ourselves without copying ourselves from others, creating our own style will make us very comfortable and the chances of success will be greater, consistency is vital when transmitting, the use of a schedule Consistent will keep the frequency of our audience willing to see us at Twitch.
  • The successful channel: it is something that cannot be forged overnight, you have to apply strategies with patience, work with social networks, a camera can help us, but with peace of mind I can see how to get more viewers in a short term, as long as we are constant when transmitting and interacting with our audience we will achieve success.

 Now that you know how to get more viewers, just do it and allow yourself to grow on this incredible platform such as Twitch, enjoy it to the fullest.

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