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2020-06-22 11:36:22

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Our progress in The Last of Us Part 2 is simply important, let's see How to complete Chapter 14 The theater

What does Chapter 14 Theater bring to us in The Last of Us Part 2?

  This is a fairly short but interesting chapter because it is a space where Ellie and Dina have finally found a refuge after so much fighting in the open and having to walk and facing dangerous enemies, it also brings us some pretty good collectibles and these They are:


  •   2 exchange cards.
  • 4 Artifacts.

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How to complete Chapter 14 The theater in The Last Of Us Part 2?


 The possibility of exploring the theater.


 In the theater it is possible to rest some time, we enter and after a short time we are walking it will be necessary to break a showcase to take 1 exchange card and on the left side 1 artifact, we move to the bathroom and collect 9 supplements, we continue to reach the Main door that is on the right we go up the stairs, cross the bar and at the end of the hall we get 1 exchange card on the floor, we take it and go to the other side, to the balcony where we get 1 Artifact near the tent.


 Our job is to choose to use the staff door, we use the ladder to reach the projection door, following the yellow cable that allows us to reach the window, we climb outside the ceiling to restore the energy of a utility room that has 6 parts, then we go back once more to the projection room where we will take 1 artifact 4 parts, it is necessary to interact with the radio and get a set of keys, we go down and enter the main part of the theater to collect 1 artifact in a box that is on stage and with this end this chapter.

 Now that you know How to complete Chapter 14 The theater is time to do it and see that it is extremely simple because it is perhaps one of the easiest in The Last Of Us Part 2.

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