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We invite you to discover Where to find the journal entry a new task in The Last of Us Part 2.

What to know about the journal entry in The Last of Us Part 2?


 In Total we will get 20 collectible for the journal entries, which allows us to get an archivist trophy if we get to get all the collectibles, even the artifact will be necessary for unlocking this trophy, in this guide we will have very precise details that will help us to understand Where to find the journal entry, so in the content of this we must put our focus, let's see what it brings us in the following paragraphs to be presented.


Where to find the journal entry in The Last of Us Part 2?


Jackson Patrol:


 We are in a sub chapter in The Last of Us Part 2, in which we will obtain our first entry in the newspaper, this occurs in the patrol areas, being here we and Dina, we will enter a building and here we will have to grab a small step to access the railings and here we will talk to Dina, automatically we will have the record in the newspaper near us, for the next entry we will have it in the bookstore, the moment we get off the horse and take refuge from the storm , we will go through the bookstore through the white door, then we will see another door where Ellie will take Eugene's Firefly pendant, now we will go where the beds are and we will notice a giraffe at the end of the bed on the right when we enter the room.
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Packaging Jackson:


 As for Where to find the diary entry, we arrive at Jackson's house we find the following diary entry, we have to go to the kitchen where we are going to get ourselves a cup of owl, then we must go up the stairs and enter the first room, where we will find a guitar on the table and which has been our entry.


 The gate in Seattle day 1:


 At the front of the door in this chapter of The Last of Us Part 2 we will have the first entry, this is in Seattle where we are going to have to get off the horse at the first door and access the main entrance.


 Downtown Seattle day 1:


 Seeing Where to find the newspaper entry, the next one is in the synagogue, where we will go through the ration shop, where we will take a can of gasoline and use a rope to get out of this place, when we do we will go to the door, we will look in a desk and we open the drawer where there is a note, being this from our newspaper, the next one is in the watchtowers specifically in the area that is open.


 Tunnels in Seattle day 1:


 In the tunnel we see that a Shambler enters, we must kill him and look for the corpse when all the fuss is over, it is necessary to do it so as not to lose this newspaper, we must be vigilant in The Last of Us Part 2.


 The birthday present in Seattle day 1:


 When we go through the swimming, we will leave the forest, we have to see Where to find the diary entry and for this it is necessary that we go to the dinosaur information plate before we enter the museum and find the diary records, specifically we must go to the space part that has the museum, here we will notice the circular seats that are near the space ships and rockets, here we get the following entry.


 HillCrest in Seattle day 2:


 The moment we get on the truck we will go to another place to access the other stores, it will point us towards the Ruston cafeteria and here we will see a banner that is located at the front door.


 Looking for the ropes in Seattle day 2:


 Starting this chapter in The Last of Us Part 2, being under the control of Ellie we are going to look to our right and we will walk there to have the journal entry.

Seraphim in Seattle day 2:


 Once we got to scale the building through the rolling garbage can, being in the Hospital in this way, we see how Ellie automatically makes a drawing in her diary, now in the case of Where to find the diary entry, the following the We have in the place that we saw the seraphim the first time and that they shoot arrows in which a mechanic can take them out of the body, we must kill them all and continue on our way, without going through the hotel, we are going to examine the bodies that are nearby from the bus stop and here we have the newspaper entry.


To the aquarium in Seattle day 3:


 Once we meet Jessy, we will see ourselves going to the library, here we must look in the part of a child in the right part of the room, we will go to her and we will examine a fungus to thereby obtain the next journal entry at The Last of Us Part 2.


The flooded city in Seattle day 3:


 Looking to know where to find the newspaper entry, we are in this chapter in which when we have taken the boat, we are going to be in an exit area and open a door, what we will do is go to the left of the room and we will have to climb some stairs, we will now look out the window at the top of the stairs to get this entrance.


The infiltration in Seattle day 3:


 Once in the The Last of Us Part 2 chapter we go through an encounter with the dog, we will go left to go through the open door, then we must make another left turn in the rest room, in the closest thing to the fridge we have to a canvas sack is lying down and we are going to take out a coin, when we examine it we will get the next newspaper entry.


Inland in Santa Barbara:


 Here we are going to meet some Shamblers and Stalkers, being necessary that we get out of them unscathed and that we will look for a window to jump through it, thus leaving this place, immediately afterwards we would have to drag ourselves along a wall that is broken, to find the broken police car, where we will notice a notice of L3 Look-At, being the newspaper entry.


The Resort in Santa Barbara:


 Once we have achieved the silenced SMG, it is necessary that we face our enemies at the train station, now to know where to find the newspaper entry we will go to the truck after the battle is over and add the last newspaper entry, considering It would not be enough to win the Archivist Trophy if we have not obtained all the artifacts.

 This is how we finish our guide on Where to find the diary entry, hoping that you can get the most out of The Last of Us Part 2, a very busy game.

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