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2020-06-26 12:45:05

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I didn't think I could talk about How to beat Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2 but let's explain it to you.

Why beat Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2?

We usually play with Ellie and that's why explaining to you How to beat Ellie sounds a bit strange but it also usually happens, because it tries to be a very well balanced game, because not all the characters are necessarily indispensable or at least this is shown in this game .

How to beat Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2?

It is necessary to consider that this is a very important character throughout the game, but there is the possibility that in the second act it is Abby who takes the main control, a new character that has been included, so at this moment a He fights very complex and this is because Ellie took all the tools and abilities she has against us. It is necessary to be clear that this combat is specifically in 3 phases and they are as follows.
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Abby is hiding behind the containers, it is a very complicated phase, because Elli will be ready with her knife, so it will be necessary to be alert and take the right moment to attack, circling Ellie and finally hitting her in the back,

Obviously Ellie will not stay still and will proceed to go for her bow, she takes it as well as her rifle and prepares, we must be careful because if the chains fall we can make noise and they attract other enemies that we do not want now, it is necessary to be alerted not to be hit, because if for some reason he gives us an arrow we will simply have to hold down R1 to remove it and that it does not cause us too much damage, we can choose to give use to the bricks and bottles, we throw them to cause Ellie some distraction and being able to sneak up on her for another hit.

The fight to know how to beat Ellie becomes quite formidable and here it will be necessary to be more careful, Ellie does not stay calm and place some proximity mines, in addition she chose to hide and we will not be able to locate her with the listening mode, we must be vigilant because she tried If he stealthily approaches us but we can distract him again with bricks and bottles, so that he runs in another direction in The Last of Us Part 2, these can also stun him and it will be the crucial moment to attack him.

 Definitely knowing how to beat Ellie is complex but in the end it is favorable in The Last of Us Part 2, do not stop trying.

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