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Pokemon Isle of Armor: How to Get Wailord

2020-06-22 11:31:20

Creatures in Pokémon Isle of Armor are simply important, so today we are going to see How to get a Wailord

What does Pokemon Island of Armor bring to us?

This is simply in DLC that comes well loaded, with more creatures, some legendary, others large, much more excitement to catch them, allowing them to spend a very pleasant time, because the previous sagas have been in charge of keeping enough busy and this Expansion does not have to be different, here we need to know how to obtain a Wailord, an intimidating creature, especially due to its size, but which is vital for our team.

Where to find a Wailord in Pokémon Isle of Armor?

To know how to obtain a Wailord it is necessary to first know where it is, and this is not very complicated since it is in a place where it is possible to get on a bicycle, cross the water, because it is sitting on the other side of the ocean and we can go for the moment the station, when we finally get to where it is we must be careful because here we have to get the Sharpedos on the way, but as soon as we get out of them it will only be necessary to collide with Wailord and proceed to get a fight.

How to get a Wailord in Pokémon Isle of Armor?

As it is sufficiently removed from us, it is necessary to be skill crossing the water, because Wailord is located on the other side of the ocean, opting to use the Rotom bicycle, in addition to having a moderately high level, because in case this creature has level 80, but while we are prepared it is not very complex to catch him, it is good to consider using attacks that some type of water cannot execute, because even when they cause weak attacks this can fall, it is also possible to cause some attack with paralysis or sleep and so As soon as we can see that his health is shown in red numbers, it is time to count on about 20 Ultra Balls and proceed to launch them.

Defeating it by accident is not exactly the best way, you can realize it and it is quite easy but it has consequences and it is that it is a high-level Pokémon and if it manages to be defeated it simply disappears, taking into account the possibility of exchanging it for another creature and this we It leads to having to catch a Wailmer but it is more difficult because we have to level it up, the positive thing is that this creature is in the waters of Isla de Molas in Pokémon Isle of Armor, and even when this is not common it will be necessary to achieve it minimum level 40 to be ours, and with this we could say that we can change to Wailord that has accidentally disappeared.

Is Wailord really strong at Pokémon Isle of Armor?

You have positives and negatives, the negatives is that his defensive strength is simply quite poor, and he has difficulty learning more moves, this is due to a water type Pokémon. Meanwhile the positive aspects are more relevant and this is what drives us to want to know how to obtain a Wailord since it has two extremely strong movements and they are Hiodrobomba and the water spike, the force is present in your HP statistics, it is recover by resting and have considerable ability to take damage.

This is all we know about How to get a Wailord an extremely interesting creature that is present in Pokémon Isle of Armor.

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