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2020-06-26 10:28:34

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Today we bring you a The Last of Us Part 2 guide where we explain how to beat the infected, WLF and scars, let's see.

How to beat the infected, WLF and scars in The Last of Us Part 2?

Finally this second installment has arrived and brings us more emotion, more work and obviously more enemies, because we need to get the necessary tools to survive in a world where everything seems to be against us, simply because the need to know how to beat the infected , WLF and Scars places us at a point where it is vital to draw all our strength and abilities.


 Being stealthy against smoke simply allows us to have more control and achieve better positions in The Last of Us Part 2, it is also necessary to have some natural positions to choose to win and they are:


  •  Squatting allows us to sneak through the grass and reducing the swing of the weapon in a way, it is also an excellent option to stay hidden, as they are crucial tasks that we must do when considering How to beat the infected, WLF and the scars
  • The possibility of counting and using the listening mode in The Last of Us Part 2 is simply vital, since a relevant aspect is the possibility of listening to the movements of the enemy, although it does not work exactly with everyone if it is possible to achieve it with the majority.
  • The possibility of throwing bricks and bottles is unique, as this can be of great use for most enemies and can become an interesting weapon when it comes to knowing how to beat the infected, WLF and scars, but it is necessary to take into account Realize that specifically using it with humans is more complex since they will simply realize that we are cheating on them.
  • Using the silenced pistol must always be a factor to consider, because although it only has three shots, it is not possible to improve them quickly and this puts us at the advantage.


 Eliminating enemies stealthily is always the best alternative, and this is very useful when we want to know how to beat the infected, WLF and scars, since we will get an interesting amount of these, the idea is not to use fast mobility so as not to alert them also not to stay in one place for a long time, because for our good fortune The Last of Us Part 2 has many spaces to go around.
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How to beat the infected in The Last of Us Part 2?

The infected are enemies that we usually get regularly and it is necessary to be careful, they are usually quite common, and they are not as dumb as zombies, although encounters with these can occur in isolation it is good to consider that each of them usually has a different treatment we can give, here we reflect some details on How to beat the infected, WLF and scars but in this segments we focus on those affected.


  •  It is necessary to stab them until they die because it is not necessary to spend ammunition on them, even if they are in a group it is better to choose to use a Molotov cocktail to eliminate them.
  • It is necessary to be careful because the infected are not stupid and will try to weaken us, we must be vigilant and do it first.
  • In The Last of Us Part 2 we have the advantage that the infected clickers do not have eyes, obviously they will not be able to see us, but if it is necessary to take into account that the iodine works perfectly, here it is necessary to stealthily kill them with a heavy weapon, causing a single knock.
  • In the particular case of Bloasters without large infected, it is necessary to keep a prudent distance, as these usually tear off pieces of their infected meat and throw them at us like acid grenades, which can easily eliminate us, so we will be smart and choose to stun them in the first place. instance, we do this with a molotov cocktail, and then if we proceed to make some shots to his head.
  • The Shamblers are another type of strong but filthy infected, they also usually contain poisonous acid and they are more dangerous because they throw it in clouds, these are made with grenades of their meat, so we will keep the distance as much as possible, we will stun them with Molotov cocktails, We shoot them and as soon as it has fallen we must withdraw quickly because even dead it would explode like a cloud of acid.


 In this sense, escaping should always be an option not to die, because knowing how to beat the infected, WLF and scars is complicated, but the infected turn out to be a very tiresome specimen, to which the best strategy we can give them is using cocktails. Molotov, for them getting and collecting each resource is presented as a necessary task in The Last of Us Part 2.

How to beat the WFL at The Last of Us Part 2?

The human enemies in this game have an impressive presence, specifically the FAL are human enemies, which must be eliminated with a unique strategy, as well as us they also have quite formidable weapons that we must take care of because they usually leave some mines along the way.

WLFs have dogs and they are highly dangerous, which makes us stay as far away from them as possible, while we plan a strategy to get rid of the dog and thus be able to choose to eliminate enemies as such, since normally they are usually equipped but eliminating their best weapon they are moderately unprotected and thus make use of arrows and bows to shoot, managing to give them a vital part, because as you will see how to beat the infected, WLF and scars is a complex but necessary task to survive.

How to beat scars in The Last of Us Part 2?

Our task to know how to beat the infected, WLF and scars allows us to fight with formidable enemies and choose to win, these are also human enemies, they usually attack with melee weapons, although they also use bows and dates, it is necessary avoid being hit by them since they will spend health kits, so we choose to keep a safe distance from these enemies in The Last of Us Part 2 and attack with long-range weapons, these are not too protected which allows them to fall easily.

 Now that you know how to beat the infected, WLF, and scars, it's time to go on and fight these enemies to survive and beat The Last of Us Part 2.

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