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Pokemon Isle of Armor simply has a lot to offer and this allows us to figure out how to get Larvesta and Volcarona

Why get Larvesta and Volcarona at Pokemon Isle of Armor?

The truth is that these are two extremely rare Pokemon and perhaps this is what makes them interesting, since they have been present recently but it is in this DLC where we are given the chance to get them and although they are quite complex we need to fight to make them part of we, as they are creatures of the 5th generation, that is why it is important to put your hands on them quickly.

How to get Larvesta and Volcarona in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

Although we are just beginning this expansion and we do not know exactly all the places where they can be at least if we have some location to tell you where to get them and they are:

  • The focus forest.
  • The loophole loop.

The latter are the places where they have already seen, probably there are others but there is still no conformation, focused on what we know because I will know how to obtain Larvesta and Volcarona simply vital. However, it is necessary to wait until July 1 to catch a larva since sunlight will easily be the best option to get it.

How to evolve Larvesta and become Volcaron in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

Volcarona is the evolution of Larvesta and this process is not so simple, since it is necessary to work hard and it is mandatory that we achieve that Larvesta reaches level 59, although it sounds that it is quite complicated the effort to carry out this evolution will easily be worth it and Volcarona is quite powerful and can be incorporated into various combinations that allow us to have a great advantage.

This way we finish the guide on How to get Larvesta and Volcarona because it is a fantastic and extremely strong creature that we got in Pokemon Isle of Armor.

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