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2020-06-25 10:05:22

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One of the necessary actions at The Last of Us Part 2 is knowing where to find the Descent collections and we will tell you about it here.

What do the collectibles on the Drop represent in The Last of Us Part 2?

First of all it is necessary to take into account that the Descent is chapter 34, which means that we are relatively far away, and just as in previous chapters it is also possible to obtain some interesting collectibles, as they are valuable objects that have a specific utility and it is not an idea. ignore them.

The collectibles in the Descent are a total of 10 distributed as follows:

  • 3 artifacts.
  • 5 coins.
  • 1 safe.
  • 1 work bench.

Where to find the Descent Collectibles at The Last of Us Part 2?

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  • Coin 1: This is the first collectible we got and we need to dive into a pool that is located in Illinois.
  • Safe 1: We continue in the game to locate it, there is not much to work for since in this chapter we only got 1, it is located in the gym.
  • Artifact 1: to achieve this, it will only be necessary to look for the table in the room next to the gym is in the combo of the safe.
  • Artifact 2: This collectible is unique and we got it with FEDRA Orders.
  • Artifact 3: We continue through some floors where it will be necessary to take a look at a corpse that is on the right side.
  • Coin 2: Our tour of where to find the Descent Collectibles allows us to go into room 1107 specifically on the 11th floor in Oregon.
  • Coin 3: This collectible is obtained after breaking the glass of the vending machine that we got when going down an elevator shaft while in Wisconsin.
  • Coin 4: To get it you need to search behind the counter after going outside and removing the mask in Rhode Island.
  • Coin 5: This is our last collectible in this chapter and it is necessary to go to the hospital through the first entrance avoiding as much as possible through the main door, the coin is in a window that we will reach following the grass that leads us to the building in Missouri.

Now that you know where to find the Descent Collectibles, it is time for you to embark on this chapter 34 and bring them with you, as The Last of Us Part 2 brings many necessary and interesting objects.

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