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2020-06-23 11:12:02

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 The action in The Last of Us Part 2 doesn't stop so today we're going to explain how to defeat the Horde.

 In The Last of Us Part 2 there are circumstances that will lead us to the clashes with the hordes, so it is necessary that when this situation arises we know How to Defeat the Horde and with the support of this guide we will be able to go forward, pay close attention to the content that follows.

What should we know about the Horde in The Last of Us Part 2?

The confrontations that we will have with the hordes are presented in very specific moments, taking into account that they are not so numerous, so it is not necessary that we are going to be pending to face so many monsters, in the given moment they will be at the most a dozen, now to know How to defeat the Horde, let's continue reading the details to come.

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How to defeat the Horde in The Last of Us Part 2?

In the level of the horde it will be our first encounter, it happens at the moment that we play as Abby, we will see how the monsters are appearing at the beginning of this stage, we will have here unexpected allies that will support us in the fight, now for the second encounter, this one appears in the final part of the stage of the tunnels, here Ellie and Dina will come out of the tunnels of the subway, immediately after the infected horde will appear finishing this stage, before we arrive to the surface.

It is important that for no reason we fight against these monsters, because it will be a total failure, instantly we will be surrounded and the result will be death by the wounds that we will receive in the body to body, our decision is to escape, we will do it using the option of sprint without stopping for anything, considering that the obstacles will not stop these monsters, they will be able to climb fences and the roofs of the chariots, our escape must be until we reach a safe place, the good thing is that there is no need to go for some loot on this journey, so nothing is lost when deciding this action.

 We hope that the information here detailed on How to Defeat the Horde will be very useful for you to progress and have fun in The Last of Us Part 2.

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