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2020-06-23 10:41:00

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If you want to know where to find the guitar in The Last of Us Part 2 you are in the right place, as all the details will be covered in this guide.

  In The Last of Us Part 2 we are going to find Joel's favorite instrument from the first game, after the events that have happened up to this point, everything indicates that Ellie was trained by Joel to handle the guitar, so this time we want Know where to find the guitar and the answers will be present in the content that comes right now.
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What to know about the guitar in The Last of Us Part 2?

In the game we will see Joel playing a song on the guitar, this happens during the prologue, we can even try it, but later we will have access to find the guitar when we can play songs on our own, highlighting that this was not part of the main story, to know where it is we must continue with the reading of the explanatory content, let's do it.

Where to find the guitar in The Last of Us Part 2?

In 2 places we can find the guitar, one is in the valiant music store and the other in the theater, if we do not know the places we have that the music store is in chapter 9 as it is in the center of the city, while the theater will be in chapter 13, in the tunnels in Seattle day 1, this is not something mandatory for the progress in the history of the game, only for those who want to search for it, so it is possible to play any song, in the game there is a function that It allows us to make changes to the chords so that we can play a real song, when we already find the guitar, we will make the change with the L1 / R1 and in the case of wanting to strum the guitar we are only going to move our finger up and Down on the touch panel of our control, while we advance in the game it is possible to hear the characters playing songs with the stringed instrument, if we want to do it ourselves we must go to these locations, when we are here We have the new Game Plus mode, which allows us to return to play the chapters specifically when completing the main campaign.

 It is evident that knowing Where to find the guitar allows us to have more fun in The Last of Us Part 2.

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