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The action in The Last of Us Part 2 does not stop so today we are going to explain how to complete Chapter 12 Channel 13.

What to know about Chapter 12 Channel 13 in The Last of Us Part 2?


  In this tour that we will do we will find few collectibles, which are an artifact and an exchange card, also in this guide we will find the details of How to complete Chapter 12 Channel 13, it is only necessary to pay attention to the content that is will present hereinafter.


How to complete Chapter 12 Channel 13 in The Last of Us Part 2?

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Looking for Leah:


 When we meet at the tv station, we have to the right there is a van that we are going to check to find 7 pieces, this before we go to scale the structure, thus reaching the inside of the building with a rope on the side from the terrace, when we enter we will go down the corridor until we reach the end, having to go through the door we get 12 supplements, then we will go through the air duct that is to the left of the door, when we enter the center of the building we can access the control room where there are 15 more pieces, then to finish this part we will climb the length of the building along a narrow ledge to continue.


 Then we will get an exchange card in a nearby office on a desk, we will go through the door to access the next floor, once we open the glass door we have a cut scene, now before we go out, we must look in this 10 floor supplements and an artifact that is in the final office on the right, then if we go through the opening in the wall.


 Escaping the building:


 The moment we return to the building we will notice that there are soldiers everywhere, so we will use the listening mode to have the knowledge of where they are located, at ground level is the exit, going through the tremendous opening, instantly it will give The persecution began and we will not find anything else in this area, what we will do is be stealthy or run to avoid spending resources, taking into account that we will meet enemies on the top floor of the atrium, it is important that we continue without using bullets in them, we will always go down and arrive at the tunnel entrance where we are going to block it from the inside.

 This is the end of our guide on How to complete Chapter 12 Channel 13, hoping that you can get the most out of The Last of Us Part 2, a very busy game.

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