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2020-06-22 11:13:17

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This time we bring a guide to The Last of Us Part 2 and we plan to talk to you about How to beat Stalkers

What are Stalkers in The Last of Us Part 2?

These are simply the infected enemies that we get throughout the chapters in the game and are usually a headache, since they have been incorporated as a fundamental part so that Joel and Ellie go to the task of facing them, since we are immersed in a quite complex world where the need to survive is important.
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How to beat Stalkers in The Last Of Us Part 2?

Although these enemies are not a novelty because we already found them in the first installment, if it is possible to comment that they are much more powerful, also that they can be thrown at us when we are suddenly neglected and are extremely elusive, it is only possible to get them manually since specifically with them the listening mode does not work. Stalkers normally when they see us their first reaction is to fall on us as soon as we can provoke them, but we have the advantage of dispatching them just by shooting them.

Eliminating them with Ellie's razor simply becomes very difficult, but if we can choose other melee weapons, it is more if we want these to come out we can make some noise, using a bottle will be fantastic to achieve it and then dispatch them, because when they come out we can sneak up on them and attack them with weapons or simply by making them explode using bombs.

 This is all we can tell you about How to Beat the Stalkers, as they are strong enemies that we get for ourselves while on a stroll through The Last of Us Part 2.

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