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Angel Marquez
2020-06-22 18:07:31

More about: The Last of Us Part 2

If you want to know how to complete Chapter 16 Hillcrest in The Last of Us Part 2 you have come to the right place to see its explanation.

What to know from Chapter 16 Hillcrest in The Last of Us Part 2?

The first thing is that we are on day 2 in Seattle, having the Hillcrest chapter as its name, here we will find the following collectibles:


  •   Artifacts x 10
  • Workbenches x 2
  • Safes x 1
  • Magazine Entries x 1
  • Training manuals x 1
  • Exchange cards x 5


  Now that we know this it is ideal that we know how to complete Chapter 16 Hillcrest, so in this guide we will have the precise details, we should only pay attention to the following content.
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How to complete Chapter 16 Hillcrest in The Last of Us Part 2?


 Tents Part 1:


 Our beginning to solve CC How to complete Chapter 16 Hillcrest, happens through the fact that we have the existence of a series of stores in this area, but before we go to these, we have to collect the exchange card that we are going to find in a car that is in the ditch that is behind us, here we will have 3 stores that we will check, the initial tour will be in the direction of the natural remedies store, which is located in the front left and We will make the purchase of 18 supplements, on the far left we will find a laundry, here in the office we will find an artifact and to finish this part we will arrive at the Rosemont clothing store that is on the right side, here in the back of the counter we will see a hole in which we can jump, thus finding a workbench next to 27 pieces and 6 supplements, including an artifact in this area of ​​The Last of Us Part 2.


 Part 2 of the shops:


 When we finish with the front of the tents, we are going to get on a truck at the end and we will see a short scene in which some WLF soldiers are seen driving a van, what we will do is jump to the left at the end of the muddy road , our address to take is towards Caroline Paper Co, being inside we will take from the middle table an artifact and an exchange card that is at the back of the counter in a cardboard box, apart from that we can find 10 supplements, after that we will go to the beginning of this area and we will enter used and rare books on the left, here we get another artifact at the counter, now right next to this store we have that on the blue canvas we will take note of a graffiti, then we can enter the Ruston cafeteria to find 4 pieces in this last part 2 of the stores in The Last of Us Part 2, to continue with our purpose of knowing How to complete Chapter 16 Hillcrest, we advance to He climbed the stairs that would lead us to a combat with some dogs.


 Part 1 with the enemy:


 In chapter 16 of The Last of Us Part 2 we have that our first encounter with the enemy, it is about the dogs, which are able to detect our smell and if we want to know how to complete Chapter 16 Hillcrest we have to pass through them, so we will use listening mode to help us see the trace of the smell and move without being seen by them, we will seek to reach the red door that is on the other side of this area, there are no collectibles here so we can continue without problems , to facilitate our escape we can use the tall grasses and the holes that exist in the walls of the building, when going through the red door we will find 4 pieces on the right side before continuing, then we have to push the container that is in the back of the alley to access 3 pieces that are below it, due to the unstable ground we must do it quickly as otherwise the container will fall.


 Part 3 of the shops:


 When we have jumped we are going to meet at a bicycle store, in front of us there is a work bench, if we turn to the right we have an exchange card to pick up in the corner that is dark, while if we go to the room adjacent to On the right there is an artifact and 15 pieces on the table, leaving the main entrance we will be on our way to other stores, these being Velvet Tattoo

The crossing of the city:


 Seeking to understand How to complete Chapter 16 Hillcrest in The Last of Us Part 2 we have come to seek to cross the city, after we left the previous part of the chapter, we are going to climb external stairs that are behind the bar, on this long road we find some arrows , We will notice with Ellie that she sees a smoke, which will be the point to which we must go, for this we will go to the backyard jumping, which will take us to a game house where we will get an exchange card, also a 11 gadgets inside and on the sofa-table are waiting for us, when we look in the kitchen where there is a drawer we have another gadget, but an infected one who is very agile will attack us, so dodging it will be necessary later, by killing him with Ellie we collect the bow weapon, which will be very useful for us later and in the garage we get 9 pieces.


Part 2 with the enemy:


 Our journey in search of How to complete Chapter 16 Hillcrest brings us in this part to a very spacious area and in which we are going to meet different enemies, humans and dogs, here is a single collectible, which is in the big house At the end of the right side, it is an exchange card that we place under the bed and the adjacent bathroom has 8 supplements for us, while below us is the garage with 11 pieces, so we will go through here, to to generalize it is necessary to use tall grasses in this area, we will also lean on the arch to end obstacles on our way in The Last of Us Part 2


 Once we get out of here from this part, we will go to the shed that is next to the gazebo in the backyard of the house, here we get 10 pieces, then we will go through a burned houses in a neighborhood, where there are still soldiers and dogs for the area, we have to lean on the grass to be hidden, after we go through a series of houses, we find some smoke grenades and enemies going down some stairs, here we can not avoid fighting for the open area, then we will jump from level to thus return to the street and we will see a scene.


Car chase part:


 The answers to How to complete Chapter 16 Hillcrest brings us to the final part, in which we meet Jesse and it is necessary that we leave the area, so we are going to take the nearby car, for this we defeat the soldiers and we will go up, now The next thing is that to end the chapter we shoot the enemies, both human and infected, this while Jesse drives in The Last of Us Part 2.

 Finally, now that we know how to complete Chapter 16 Hillcrest, we can move on to The Last of Us Part 2.

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