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While we are still immersed in Terraria 1.4 it is necessary to know How to use Journey Mode Powers, let's see the explanation.

Why is it necessary to use Journey Mode Powers in Terraria 1.4?

  Terraria 1.4 has managed to launch its latest update and with it some very important changes, the specific case of the powers of the travel mode allows us to create a new character and this is a very interesting step, since it is a mixture that allows us to achieve a more powerful character.
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    How to use Journey Mode Powers in Terraria 1.4?


    • Research: Powers here are a fundamental part, and research is vital, as it is a fairly good process that allows us to create new articles, leaving aside the option of collecting some, because with it we have already been able to learn about some allowing us to carry out some duplicates.
    • The climate: Knowing How to use Journey Mode Powers allows us to control some things and the climate is particularly one of them, especially based on the fact that the update of the game brings with it the wind phenomenon, so we must manage to control not only the wind if not the rain. Accessing the wind leads us to go to the menu, we must go to the option at the top where the wind slider is located, here it is possible to control it as well as the force it has, in the same way we can do it with the rain.
    • The Duplication: The Travel Mode allows us to execute duplicates only that it will be necessary to get some items to be able to do it, in addition to going directly to the energy menu, since duplicates are made after having previously investigated some elements.
    • Personal power: The possibility of making our character can achieve some changes such as God mode, the Placement Range Extender or the Enemy Spawning Slider are some of the characteristics that we can apply.
    • The Enemy Difficulty: The Journey Mode brings with it some interesting changes and the difficulty is one of them, but this is not really a major inconvenience, since we can achieve the difficulty of the enemies of Journey to Master just by sliding the control.
    • Time: The possibility of controlling time and hours specifically here is an important element, here we get two specific options, freeze and unfreeze the hours of the day, since there are 6 different options to run but 4 specifically to run and change hours specific of the day, to achieve this it is necessary to click on the time menu specifically on the clock icon.
    • The Spread of Infection: Getting everyone to become infected is possible, here we have the opportunity to activate or deactivate this spread if we consider it necessary.

     In this sense, Terraria 1.4 has allowed us to experience some considerable changes in this latest update and knowing How to use Journey Mode Powers is simply interesting.

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