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The weapons in Terraria 1.4 are important, let's see How to craft the zenith sword

What is the Zenith sword in Terraria 1.4?

Normally this is a game that has some swords, but these are simply not enough and we need to get the final sword, so knowing how to make the Zenith sword is an important task, but necessary since our journey not only ends with it if not with the content of the travel mode as well as the bestiary within the game.

The Zenith sword requires a combination where 9 swords and a Mythil Anvil are necessary, since only with these tools can we get to manufacture our final sword in the most recent update of this game.
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    How to craft the zenith sword in Terraria 1.4?

     There are some important parameters to consider when making the Zenith sword, since it is a weapon that has 193 damage when we execute a melee combat, to elaborate it requires a great deal of work starting by combining 9 swords, facing Hardmode and some formidable enough bosses, the zenith sword is presented as a very powerful weapon even though it can cause damage slightly less than that of Meowmere, it is also worth noting that it has an average speed and a quite strong recoil blow, as well as an average speed and the possibility of a 185 of being able to generate a critical hit.


     What are the 9 swords required to craft the zenith sword in Terraria 1.4?

    •  Stellar Fury: This is one of the necessary swords and we can obtain it in the floating islands in the chests or in the sky boxes.
    • Terra: This is simply a handmade sword on an anvil from Mythril or Orichalcum, combined between the Edge of Night and Excalibur.
    • Stellar Wrath: This is a sword that we get when cast by the Moonlord although the chances of getting it are 11 percent.
    • Meow: This is a sword that we can get from the Moonlord and he has an 11 percent chance that he will drop it.
    • Short copper sword: To make it you need an iron or lead anvil and 7 copper bars.
    • Seed Sword: This sword can be discarded by Plantera with a 14 percent probability.
    • Blade the Rider: Obtained in the Pumpking event, with the drops of the Moon of the Pumpkin boss.
    • Waver Influence: We require the Martian Madness event to get it, because here we have an 11 percent probability of being discarded by the Martian Saucer
    • Enchanted Sword: To get it, all you have to do is break the background sword pixies that are located in the Enchanted Sword Sanctuary.

     Definitely knowing how to make the zenith sword allows us to finish the game with total peace of mind since the latest update of Terraria 1.4 brings us many things to do.

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