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Our journey through Terraria 1.4 leads us to make some interesting constructions, let's see how to craft station.

 Normally, creations usually have some series of necessary requirements, some of us may have them closer than others but they are still necessary, especially here where potions are necessary and are consumable items that we can make and are presented as extremely useful healing when We have some kind of meeting with a boss.

Why create the craft station in Terraria 1.4?

Because it is precisely the place where we can make the potions that will be of great help to us, the good thing is that on the one hand there are buff, food, and drink potions and they all serve to support us when we face a boss, it is also Good to note that there are potions in bottles with the ability to achieve some amount of fundamental damage to enemies, so creating the station is undoubtedly the only and excellent option to win.
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    How to craft an alchemy table in Terraria 1.4?

    The alchemy table is presented as a slightly improved version of the craft station, only to get it it is necessary to access the dungeons, a place where it will not be easy but we must access, and defeat Skeletron, the good thing is that this type of tables generally only consume around 33 percent of non-consumption of ingredients when we are making a potion, this place where they are is not an attractive place since it will be mined by enemies, but really who said that getting the valuable elements for something is easy to achieve.

    How to craft station in Terraria 1.4?

    The truth is that this does not carry strange materials, but if fundamental, it is only necessary to place a bottle that is empty on the piano and this will transform it into the potion making station.

    These are the necessary materials:

    • A table.
    • A Dresser.
    • A work bench.
    • A plataform.
    • A piano.
    • A chimney.
    • A shelf.

     This is all we can say about how to create a station while immersed in Terraria 1.4.

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