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One of the most interesting options in Instagram to know is How to eliminate the notifications of live videos let's see.

Need to know how to remove notifications from live videos in Instagram?


 Of course, yes, since these notifications are usually annoying enough, because they can affect our daily lives because we must be constantly aware because there are constant notifications, as it is usually an issue in which patience can reach a certain limit due to that sometimes we have other more important things that need to be kept in mind and can disturb us.


How do I prevent live video notifications from reaching me in Instagram?


 Normally this is a simple enough matter and it is solved without complexity, although it is a bit delicate since it is not a matter that can be solved by half or is done completely or not and for this it is only necessary in our account Instagram Go to settings, there we configure whether we receive the notifications or not, but there is no way to customize them and choose which ones to receive and which not, anyway this is an advance in itself.
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How to remove notifications of live videos in Instagram?

  •  It is necessary to access settings in our Instagram account and there proceed to look for the icon of points that is located in the upper corner on the right side.
  • Next we will go to notifications.
  • Then we select the Live Videos and IGTV option.
  • Here there is more than one option but we will go specifically for the first one that is related to Live Videos and we will deactivate it so that we do not receive it again, with this we have managed to know how to eliminate notifications of live videos

Is it possible to get us to avoid notifications from a particular user in Instagram?


 At this point we must be blunt and the answer is definitely no, because it is not a process that contact by contact is made, the only closest option we have is to mute the contact and this does allow us to make the video publications that we make simply not They disturb us, the details are that when we have a large number of contacts it is difficult to do with each or half, we will be wasting valuable time.

 In general terms, knowing how to eliminate the notifications of live videos is simply the best option so that we are not bothered by counting on that we normally live in different occupations and we do not have time for every minimal story that is published in Instagram.

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