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Who does not like to know How to get free games, well if you are one of those who wants it, here is a guide of Twitch Prime waiting for you.

What is Twitch Prime?


 To know how to get free games on this platform it is necessary to take into account that it is directly linked to Amazon Prime and both have great advantages for us, it simply works as a subscription service but this amount that we pay is actually quite low with all the benefit that we can get from it, because apart from the games it presents a quantity of content that can be useful enough.


 There is the possibility of getting games every month as well as bonuses thereof, the only thing is the need to manually subscribe each month, as it presents its special characteristics for PC players, it has somewhat similarity in relation to Xbox Live PS Plus to mention some platforms, only that in one way or another they are great and the mere idea of ​​knowing how to get free games makes us mobilize to this Twitch Prime platform and thus enjoy it to the fullest.
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What are the advantages of Twitch Prime?


 This is a platform that offers subscribers a number of advantages, we are going to leave some features that may be of interest to you and decide to join Twitch Prime as well.


  •  Enjoy just by joining the Twitch channel that allows access to all content, badges, emotes that are exclusive and much more.
  • The possibility of free access to the games, as well as extra loot and free bonuses for being a member.
  • The collections of unique and exclusive emotes that you can count on and that you can use in chat.
  • Chat badges that have unique exclusivity for certain Prime members, so knowing how to get free games adds more and more options.
  • The opportunity to store all content for up to 60 days in case of streaming.
  •  Putting a color to the chat is also important and here we are allowed, because there are sliders for it.


 How to get free games at Twitch Prime?


  •  The first thing we should consider is to link our Twitch Prime account with Amazon Prime, for this it is necessary:
  • Go to the Twitch Prime page and log in with our Amazon Prime account.
  • Then go back to Twitch Prime because this is where we will link our Twitch account.
  • With this process our Twitch account will become simply Twitch Prime and get all access for free games and loot.


 Only by linking one account with the other breasts does it present the possibility of enjoying all the benefits that Twitch Prime brings to us, counting on that there is much more than games for everyone here, since obviously knowing how to get free games and exclusivities have a certain value that we cannot ignore.

 In this sense, now that you know how to get free games it is time to take a walk through Twitch Prime and try it on your own and get these pleasant surprises.

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