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Temtem: How to Catch Kinu

2020-01-31 11:47:29

The captures in Temtem are becoming more and more interesting for this reason today we present a guide on How to catch Kinu

Where to find kinu in Temtem?

This creature is only available practically almost at the end, of the Adventures in the Mirisles, which gives way to trigger a volcanic eruption, as it usually tries to make some type of diamond, because this occurs by frustrating the Belsoto clan, and it go on the sides of Omninesia, let's see how to catch Kinu

Who is kinu in Temtem?

Before knowing how to catch Kinu it is important to know who he is, this is a rather rare nature creature, which rarely meets the Banyan. It is necessary to go through Belsoto in Western Omninesia where this creature is kept hidden, it is the first time we can observe it in this plot, so it is ideal to clear the area where it is kept, of course it is necessary to fight and defeat the Dr. Hamijo, on Anak volcano, where villains will usually flee, allowing the Banyan to fill with grass. These kinu are a kind of green elves with puppy eyes, which seems even tender, but we will have to catch it.

How to catch Kinu in Temtem?

These creatures have really little physical defense, and poor health, because it only reaches about 25, but this does not mean that it is an easy process to capture it, because even when we have a TemCard with us it is usually complex, because no We are going to get it alone, it is usually accompanied by several of the same species and obviously all together usually cause damage.

This Temtem is of nature and mental type, so making it sleep is usually difficult, so that strategy with it does not work, so we have to focus on physical attacks but not as super effective because it lowers the poor health that this It has and we can eliminate it and that is precisely what we should not do, we will only catch it. The movements of kinu usually make it possible to heal itself, yes we will have to play with it for a long period of time, because if we choose to freeze it, it simply will not work either because what it will do is bury itself, in one way or another it only remains to play with him until he gets it for us.

What does kinu bring with it in Temtem?

This creature has a series of movements that have been adapted to the great damages that can cause it, allowing it to rely on hypnotizing its opponents, so that with them it can generate some resistance attacks, highlighting a movement called Beta Burst, which being its opponents Hypnotized can defeat them with a blow, even when it is the nature type and it seems not very strong it can overcome them at this point of the game, becoming quite complicated to catch, because the special defense here intensifies and with it the speed and resistance, making that we should be alert, this makes knowing how to catch Kinu is an arduous task.

This is simply all you need to know about How to catch Kinu, a fairly simple Temtem with the naked eye, but that really is usually strong if we don't know exactly how to deal with it.

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