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TemTem: How to Beat Tihani

2020-01-30 14:51:25

The enemies to beat in TemTem are usually enough, so we invite you to see How to beat Tihani.

What should we do before beating Thiani in TTemTem?

Just before going for our goal it is ideal to get some necessary objects such as Magma Cannon, Pansunscreen, Tonic and Balm that are used to fight within this Nanjo Dojo and are.

Vaitiaré and Talia'uli:

  • Level 28 Saku,
  • Level 28 Vulvir
  • level28 Oceara
  • Level. 28 Loali


  • Level 30 Piraniant,
  • Level 30 Tuwai
  • Level 30 Saipat


  • Level. 30 Capyre,
  • Level 30 Taifu,
  • Level 30 Granpah


  • Level 33 Magmis,
  • Level. 33 Barnshe
  • Level. 33 Ukama

The one-eyed Matthew:

  • Level 34 Kalabyss
  • Level. 34 Raize

How to beat Tihani in TemTem?

In order to defeat this creature it is necessary we have at our disposal some TemTem, as well as its weaknesses, movements and resistances and they are precisely the following:

  • Level 31 Wiplump
  • Weak to movement resistant
  • Toxic, Nature and Electric Water, Fire and Earth
  • Impact of the drill [Neutral]
  • Water cannon [Water]
  • Ice cubes [Water]
  • Level 33 Ukama
  • Weak to movement resistant
  • Toxic, Nature and Electric Fire, Water and Earth
  • Water cannon [Water]
  • Water Whirlpool [Water]
  • Level 33 Grandfather ...
  • Weak to movement resistant
  • Earth and wind electric
  • Hypnoxia [Wind]
  • Level 33 Cerneaf
  • Weak to movement resistant
  • Fire and Electric Toxics, Water, Nature, Earth
  • Allergic spread [Nature]
  • Double kick [Neutral]
  • Level 33 Mastione
  • Weak to movement resistant
  • The nature of Earth and Water, fire and glass
  • Embers [Fire]
  • Rage [Melee]
  • Level 38 Kinu
  • Weak to movement resistant
  • Crystal, digital, fire and toxic earth, water, melee, natural and neutral.
  • Sap vital [Nature]
  • Beta Burst [Mental]

In general terms, with all these values ​​mentioned above we can achieve our stated objective, which is to know how to beat Tihani in TemTem, because we are increasingly using more complex goals, so that the adversaries must tremble before us.

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
Humble Bundle
Release date:
January 21, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer

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