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Temtem: How to Beat Dojo Leader Yareni

2020-02-05 15:03:14

New challenges continue to arrive in Temtem which will lead us to the explanation of How to defeat the leader of the Yajo Dojo.

In our Temtem adventure on Tucma Island we have been through many difficult things, including piracy, accidents, attacks, swamps and even identity theft, but this time we will have an important challenge which will lead us to know how to beat the leader Dojo Yareni, for this we will have the content of this guide, which has the answers we need to complete this challenge.

What should we do to beat the leader of Dojo Yareni in Temtem?

If we want to know how to beat the leader of the Dojo Yareni, the first thing we are going to have to face is the crystal labyrinth of the Quetzal Dojo, in this place there are crystals everywhere, they are slippery, not only this is an obstacle, but there are also many walls, bumpers and devices capable of redirecting us to the opposite ends of the maze, on the way we will find an important element, this is the Telomere Hack - SPD, the place will be full of tamers, the NPCs that we already passed will be hostile now.

How to beat the leader of Dojo Yareni in Temtem?

Yareni has Temtem native to Tucma, meaning that they will be toxic and crystal types, we will have the list of these creatures that he has:

  • Shuine, level 43 (Water / Crystal)
  • Mudrid, level 39 (Earth / Crystal)
  • Noxolotl, level 35 (Toxic)
  • Volarend, level 34 (Toxic / Wind)
  • Gazuma, level 34 (Electric / Wind)
  • Myx, level 31 (Crystal / Mental)

The weaknesses of this Yareni team are not so visible to the naked eye, in the long term this can be of great difficulty, with Mudrid it can cause us 4 times more damage than normal when performing a melee attack, the rest we can say that it is difficult to have a precise strategy, we can only say some of the weaknesses that can help us in How to beat the leader of Dojo Yareni and these are:

  • Shuine: Nature, Melee
  • Mudrid: Water, Nature, Earth, Melee
  • Noxolotl: Wind
  • Volarend: Electric
  • Gazuma: Crystal
  • Myx: Fire, Earth, Digital, Crystal

Those sent first will be Volarend and Myx, we must have a couple of our creatures to neutralize these quickly, we have to be well prepared to face the poison and in addition, Gazuma causes both enemies damage from a single attack like that of his thunderstorm , a probable weak point is Noxolotl, having the Trance capacity, if it reaches health below 30 percent and is damaged, we have to go to sleep for two shifts, considering that it will have a greater momentum for the realization of their special attack, just by uncontrolling Noxolotl we can create a hole in the creatures of Yareni, while we keep them sleeping, of course it is risk that this wakes up is that we perform the Super attack and put us in a critical situation.

The greatest danger we will face will be Shuine, this is fully balanced, has many attacks of great power, at least he will not be able to give 2 of our Temtem at the same time, the Guard ability is a great nuisance, preventing his ally from cool, burn, poison or condemn, as soon as it appears we must focus on getting it out of the game quickly, we have to prevent the Melee that we use against Mudrid from being damaged or eliminated before we can put it on Shuine, by winning In Yareni we received 2612 Pansuns and so our authorities will be cleared before the authorities.

Finally we know how to beat the leader of the Dojo Yareni which will allow us to continue with our adventure in Temtem and thus have fun with the variety of situations we will encounter.

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
Humble Bundle
Release date:
January 21, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer

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