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Temtem: How to get Toxolotl and Evolve it

2020-02-04 13:10:36

In Temtem, creatures are the center of attention, so our explanatory guide today focuses on how to obtain Toxolotl and evolve it.

Why know how to get Toxolotl and evolve it in Temtem?

This month there has been a whole scandal about a problem generated on the server, obviously that does not prevent us from accessing all the places as much as possible in this game, because the archipelago is one of them and we have been able to enter, more striking here is that it is quite inspired by Pokemon which implies a certain comfort, being precisely immersed strange and interesting creatures, whose objective is to combat and catch them, so in this challenge today we have been raised How to obtain Toxolotl and evolve it, Then let's see exactly what we must do to achieve it.

What are Toxoloti in Temtem?

Before proceeding to know how to get Toxoloti in Temtem it is important to know exactly what or who it is, well, because this is a creature that in some opportunities can be called Walking Fish, but they are really non-toxic amphibians, and are usually easy to defeat , so getting them in the fields is arduously complicated, because when some toxic appears it easily eliminates them, because these creatures are based on the Axoloti of the real world and are simply quite striking and interesting creatures.

How to catch Toxoloti in Temtem?

These creatures can be obtained in a specific place and it is the archipelago of Temtem, which is usually in the wasteland of the Xolot reservoir, this being a poisonous area of ​​the Tucma island, this being the excellent place for coaches to achieve this goal, which seems Being a harmless creature but still has quite interesting weaknesses and abilities.

This creature is weak before the attacks of Earth, Digital, Crystal and Toxic, manage to do half the damage, at Temtem wind does not usually harm them, but on the contrary to those of nature type yes, and those of water still more, because it is where it is easier to defend itself, the most precise place to get this creature is in the northern part, especially in the clearing that is in the form of a wheel with spokes on the sides where the long grass is.

How to evolve to Toxoloti in Temtem?

Most of the Temtem usually evolve, and when this happens they can become much stronger and interesting creatures, Toxoloti is no exception, to evolve it it is necessary to get it up to 30, reaching Noxoloti, a creature much more powerful, so finding Toxoloti can be achieved in a fast and much needed option in this game.

This creature has before and after evolution a special attack forces and HP with some similarity, because almost always or rather always all the battles we make with this Temtem always start with some poisoning towards his opponent, this creature can be matched very well with some Temtem of mental type, because with them two working as a team, it can be that the effect of the poison can be acquired completely by the opponent and in this way leave unharmed, so the role of the masters of the damage becomes important.

Now that you know how to get Toxolotl and evolve it, you just have to try it on your own, so that it is a simple task to perform in Temtem.

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
Humble Bundle
Release date:
January 21, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer

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