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Temtem: Saipark Safari Park Guide

2020-02-20 11:03:42

In the world of Temtem we can perform many important activities on the map let's see exactly the guide of the Saipark Safari park.

The Temtem map presents us with some new locations where we can get some rather rare creatures because, it turns out, the Saipark Safari is a nature reserve that has been incorporated in update 0.5.12.

Where can we find the Saipark Safari in Temtem?

It is necessary to complete the campaign that is available for now, as this occurs when we complete the Shipwreck mission in Tucma, where we will get the rock jump hook, this occurs at the beginning of the game, the Saipark Safari is located between Zadar, Brical de Mar and the city of departure, this is achieved once we return to Deniz.
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    How does Saipark Safari work in Temtem?

    The Temtem that we see on these sides cannot be captured with regular TemCard, here we are obliged to have to buy some SaiCards at the park entrance, varying the number of players who have entered among other relevant factors, as this is simply a enclosed area where creatures have been incorporated weekly.

    This week the option of 5 SaiCards has been incorporated that has a cost of 6723, in addition to 3500 pansuns necessary to enter, so this guide of the Saipark Safari park is phenomenal.

    The Saipark Safari usually changes every week especially when we are between levels 30 and 40 respectively, it is possible to meet here with Luma and other rare creatures where the probability of getting them has increased considerably from 1/8000 to 1/4000.

    What are the Temtem available at Saipark Sagari this week of February 17?

    • Barnshe
    • Oceara
    • Paharac
    • Pigepic
    • Platox
    • Stripe.
    • Saipat
    • Tateru

    This is simply all we need to know about the Saipark Safari park guide in Temtem.

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    January 21, 2020
    Single-player, multiplayer

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