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Guide to learn how to create your club in Temtem

In the Temtem game, creating a club seems like an attractive idea for reality. If you do this, you and your team can rule the Airborne Archipelago. In this guide we will teach you everything you need to create a club.

How to create your club in Temtem?

Before you can enjoy all the fun Crema promises with clubs, you must learn how to join one or create one. To create a club is very simple

We only control that we give the tab or Esc on your keyboard and the Menu button if you are using a controller. This will open the game menu. Navigate to the icon with two people or hover over the icon and click the Club button to open another window

Here we have 2 options to perform:

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    • Join a club: If you choose this option you can join a public club by clicking on the desired club, then they will press. You must find out who is the director of a private club, once this is done, ask permission to enter. You can also press the search button to find any other club and join it.
    • Create a club: Instead of looking for a club or joining one of those that appear immediately, you can create your own. Click Create new club and a screen like the one below will continue.

    As it is a club created by you, you can customize it to your liking, be it the colors or if it is public or private. The only downside is that creation comes at a cost. 100,000 Pansun to be exact. So you would need to save quite a bit if that is what you really want to do.

    Now that you know how to create your club in Temtem you can choose the most viable option to your liking, if joining one is the best or creating a personal one with moderate cost.

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