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Learn Where to find all Rebirth Island keycards in Warzone with our interesting explanatory guide today.

What to know about all the Rebirth Island access cards in Warzone?

The first thing we need to know is that we are embarking on a necessary search in this game that involves locating a total of three cards, so knowing where to find all Rebirth Island access keycards in Warzone allows us to investigate a little and so that You can do it easily, we made this guide.

Where to find all Rebirth Island keycards in Warzone

The lost access card

This is the first lost access card, and we can get it in the basement of the bioweapons structure on Rebirth Island. Here we must navigate to the ground floor to locate the bathroom area, activating the "activate" message to obtain a considerable sum of monetary assets in addition to the key card as a recognition, our next action is to go to the lower level of the ATC Tower, located near the Fortress point of interest where we will insert the Lost Access Card into the designated covert vault, located in the rightmost corner of the locker room. By doing so, we will be rewarded with:

  •   A selection of advantageous upgrades
  • A supply of ammunition
  •   A lot containing custom equipment.

  Vikhor Authorization Card

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This second card is found inside the filing cabinets on the highest level of the grandmother's residence, located near the headquarters point of interest on Rebirth Island. We must be cautious here, as this place is a prime location for stationary strategists, and a negative altercation can result in a useless exit. Once we have obtained Vikhor's Authorization Card, we must go to the lowest level of the ATC Tower room, adjacent to the Fortress point of interest, here we will insert the card into the specified secret vault, located in the corner further to the left of the locker room, and we will be rewarded with:

  • 10,000 dollars

  Perseus's elusive key card

This third card is usually just below the main factory landmark, on a shelf within our boundaries, here is the Perseus Keycard. If for some reason a player dies prematurely during the extraction process, there is no cause for concern, as the keycard can be recovered from its original location unless the enemy has already captured it. Once secured, the player must navigate to the lowest level of the ATC Tower, adjacent to the Fortress landmark. The designated hidden vault, located in the center between the previous vaults, is where we must deposit the key card and by doing so we will be rewarded with:

  • 8000 dollars in cash.
  •   An equipment marker.

If you follow these steps on Where to find all Rebirth Island keycards in Warzone, you can complete the task quickly, and it will be well rewarded.

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